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Unblocking 3D Secure Blocked Card Is Not That Simple – Read More

Simply contacting the customer care about your 3D secure blocked card most probably won’t work instead it may raise their eyebrows as suspect of fraud. Are you one of persons whose debit/credit card is 3D secured blocked? And still wondering how to unblock it, then you have come to the right place in this vast internet. Today, I will explain how to unlock the 3D secure blocked credit/debit cards by properly contacting the customer care. I recently unblocked my ICICI bank credit card which was 3D secured blocked. However, this process applies to all the major banks like unblocking the 3D secured blocked credit/debit cards for SBI, HDFC, Axis, Union, United, etc. Continue reading to know more.

How to unblock/unlock 3D secured blocked cards?

The only way to unlock a 3D secured blocked credit/debit card is to talk to customer care in a certain convincing way or send an email as per the format given below. Randomly talking and guessing will make them more suspicious and they will deny your request. I will say how to properly contact in order to unblock the 3D secured blocked credit/debit card. For ICICI, you have to follow this link and choose credit card related issue then other related and then other related issue. After that you will see a form like this below. For this banks, I will give you the exact links in following sections

Unblocking 3D Secure Blocked Card Is Not That Simple - Read More
Unblocking 3D Secure Blocked Card Is Not That Simple.

Now, it all depends on how you write your complaint. Do not write like you are not sure of what happened or seems like or like guessing. This shows that you are not sure what happened that led to the blocking of your credit/debit card which only raises the level of suspicious. Compare the two complaints below and see for yourself:

Complaint email sample 1 about 3D secured blocked debit/cards.

Let’s see this message first,
Dear Sir/Madam,
I have a credit card from your bank linked (associated) to the account number and other details given in here. 3 days back I tried ordering something from Amazon for an amount of Rs.XYZ but due to network error, I couldn’t complete the transaction even after trying entering OTP 3 times. After that I left order. Today, I tried to do the same but now it is saying my card is 3D secure blocked and I have to contact 1800 200 3344 but after contacting the number it says my card is in active mode and there is no error. However, I am sure my card is stilled blocked and I want it unblocked from the 3D secured block.


Complaint email sample 2 about 3D secured blocked debit/cards.

And now let’s see this one.

Hello, my card is not working for online transaction and it says it is blocked. I don’t know what happened and when it happened.Please do something, I really need it.

When the support team sees the two messages which one is more convincing and which message will likely result in a positive response? Obviously the first one. I have given the link for ICICI bank, some more links are given for other banks. If any of you have contacted any bank other thank the ICICI bank, please comment down below citing your experiences and how you handled it. Below are the links to contact the ICICI bank, SBI bank, HDFC bank, Axis bank, YES bank, Union bank and United bank of India. Check them below:

ICICI Bank —— Click here.
SBI Bank ——— Click here.
HDFC Bank —– Click here.
Axis Bank ——– Click here.
Yes Bank ——— Click here.
Union Bank —– Click here.
United Bank of India – Click here.

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What is 3D secure in credit/debit cards?

3D secure is a feature aimed at preventing frauds in online transaction using a secured PIN or an One Time Password (OTP). 3D is in the sense of security from the card supplier, vendor and the buyer. In one sentence, when you do a 3D secured online transaction, you (buyer) will need to enter an OPT or the 3D secure PIN in order to confirm your transaction. This makes transaction with stolen cards next to impossible. However, sometimes things meant to protect us make us suffer more. Visa and Mastercard offers this feature as verified by VISA and Mastercard secure code.

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Why is your credit/debit card 3D secure blocked for online transactions?

For users’ protection, 3D secure from various banks like ICICI, SBI, Axis, HDFC have some safety procedures. There may be times when someone is forced to share the OTP or their smartphones are being hacked. In order to prevent such cases to a certain extent, your credit/debit will be blocked if you enter your 3D secure PIN or OTP 3 times wrongly. Once you are blocked you can’t do online transactions anymore no matter what you do. Check out the next section to know how to unblock or unlock the 3D secured blocked credit/debit cards. For example, in my case, my ICICI credit card was blocked because I failed to successfully verify my card OTP three times due to network errors. I didn’t know that my card is blocked until I tried another transaction next day.

The next day, my card was blocked and I was in shock. I started searching the internet on how to unblock my credit card without any success. ICICI bank itself gave me a support number but when I chose to unblock the card option, it simply said that my card is in active mode. So, it left me with no option but to search for other ways.

Another reason your 3D secure card blocked is that someone tried to gain access to your account and steal your identity, tried your card to use for online transactions. Did you know that billions of dollars are lost yearly due to identity theft and insecure online usage? I have gathered a long list of online internet banking safety precautions you must take and some of them you are doing it wrongly here. I highly recommend you read it and follow the instructions I have laid out extensively.

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Prevent Your Cards From Contactless Transactions

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How to prevent 3D secure card block?

The best way to prevent your card from 3D secure credit/debit card block is to follow simple rules while using it for online transactions like enable cookies, make sure your internet connection is running perfectly, don’t buy from suspicious online stores, always provide correct card details and correct OTP, etc.

Certain banks, I am sure of ICICI Bank, doesn’t allow online transactions when the cookies are disabled due to some reasons. You don’t need to worry if you are using a normal browser unless you are using some secured browsers like Tor which by default disables the cookies.

Secondly, don’t try to complete your online transactions when your internet connection is fluctuating. As most of you know that you can not press refresh, back or reload while you are about to perform your online transaction. So, make sure you have a stable connection before entering the OTP. You must ensure you have a good quality WiFi router or LAN cable if you are not using your mobile data. I have sorted out some of the best WiFi routers for home use below Rs. 1000. Check them out.

Thirdly, you should try to enter the OTP correctly every time. Because, by the third time, your card is already blocked.

Lastly but not the least, make sure the site you are using is secured and is a legitimate site. First thing you can check is if the site starts with https not http and if the url is the original one not some fake sites.

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How long does it take to unblock or unlock a 3D secure blocked card?

Some say to leave the card unused for about 24 hrs. This is a cool down period after the block and it will automatically unblock it. However, this is wrong in case of ICICI bank according to my experience. Even after 3 days it was not working. So, I contacted the ICICI bank after 3 days and it took them 2 days to reply back that my 3D secure card is unblocked. After you get the email, you still need to wait about 15-30 minutes to use as the card is unblocking. Check out their reply below.

3D secured blocked card unblocked
3D secured blocked card unblocked

I hope you liked this like on how to unblock or unlock your 3D secure Visa/Mastercard blocked cards. Is any of your friends having the same problem? Share them this link and help them. Comment down below your thoughts about this and about your experiences.

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How To Unblock ICICI Debit/Credit Card For Online Transaction?

You can unblock your blocked Debit/Credit card either by contacting customer care in a certain way or by going to the mobile application based on the level of block imposed by the bank. The process to unblock the ICICI Debit card for online transactions depends on the level of the blocked card. The first level is you yourself block your card in the app, for this, you need to go to the ICICI mobile app and tap the unblock button. This will unblock your debit card. The second level is your card is blocked due to incorrect card details using the 3DSecure system. For this, I have explained in detail in this post itself. The third level is that the bank hard blocks your card due to fraudulent and illegal activity. To unblock this level, you must visit the branch and request a new card. This is the only way to unblock the card.

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Thank you for reading this post. If you liked it, please share it with your friends to prevent them from blocking their cards.

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