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How to get TradingView Pro for free in India

As TradingView is one of the most important and most popular charting tools in the stock, forex, F&O markets, having a TradingView premium account makes big difference. In this post, you will know how to get TradingView Pro for free by signing up with certain brokers for life. In short, you can get TradingView Pro for free by signing up on,, Dhan, and some forex brokers. has partnered with TradingView and you can have full access to TradingView Pro and even order, change stop loss (SL), square off, etc. right from the TradingView charts. You can directly click here to sign up on or click here to sign up on if you don’t know any tutorial on how to sign up and other offers. Or you can keep reading to know how to easily complete the signup process within 5 mins and get other exciting offers from both Fyers and Upstox. If you are mainly focused on Forex, read till the last, I will tell a method to get TradingView Pro for free using another Forex broker.

Why is TradingView Pro necessary?

If you are searching for TradingView Pro for free, then it won’t be necessary to explain what is TradingView. But, for new users, I will try to make a very short explanation of what is TradingView. TradinView is the most popular chart analysis website for all kinds of trading including stocks, F&O, Forex, Crypto, and Commodity in exchanges all over the world. Basically, you can find any stocks, any crypto, any forex pairs, and anything you want to study by applying all kinds of indicators like moving average, RSI, Volume, and many more. If you are thinking of becoming an investor or trading, at some point you will need this website.

So, why do you need TradingView Pro and for free? Well, the first reason is you don’t have to pay any premium fee to access the TradingView panel. Secondly, you have all the premium features which is very necessary for you to succeed in the trading world. Thirdly, check the comparisons below so that you will have a better grasp of the features.

How to get TradingView Pro for free in India?

As mentioned above, you can get TradingView Pro for free in India by signing up on brokers like Dhan, and I would recommend [special free AMC link below] because it offers almost full fledge TradingView features while Upstox window size is quite uncomfortable when you start adding one or two indicators. Fyers is also offering free account opening and free lifetime AMC if you open the account till 31st July 2021.

How to complete signup process within 5 mins?

If you go directly to sign up on Fyers, you will need to press the brake and prepare the required documents before going any further. Follow the following steps to complete your registration process in 5 mins.

Documents you need to prepare before starting sign up process on

  • Scan copy of PAN Card.
  • Your Aadhar is linked to the mobile number you are using during the signup process.
  • 6 months bank statement or last 3 months salary slip or ITR of last 3 years.
  • A recent passport-size photo.
  • A scanned copy of your signature matching with the signature on the PAN card.
  • The mobile number you are signing up with has a proper network.

Now that you have prepared the required documents, let’s go to the registration page by clicking here. Enter your email and mobile number. Next, you will need to fill in details like your full legal name, PAN card, Bank account, Aadhar card details, etc.

Just follow the on-screen instructions to complete the sign-up process. You will need to e-sign the application using the Aadhar number. Once the application is completed, you will receive an email saying that you will get an update about the account activation and client ID details within 24 hrs. However, due to huge demand, you can expect to get activation within the next 72 hours.

Once you get your account activated and your Client ID details, you can access the trading terminal and TradingView window for free. Before doing it, you need to reset your password using the client ID and password you receive in the activation email. Once it is completed, you can go to and you will see the TradingView Pro premium for free.

Is Fyers TradingView Pro available in mobile App?

Yes, the TradingView Pro has its own mobile apps in Android and iOS. You can download directly by searching in the respective app store. As you can see below, you will see the watchlist you have created on the web platform. You can also create, add, remove any scripts in the mobile app. You can add as many indicators as you want. Basically, you can do anything you do on the web platform.

Why use Fyers when you already have another broker like Zerodha, Upstox, Angelbroking, etc.?

Well, you are opening the TradingView charts in another window even though you are using Zerodha and other brokers to implement your orders. In the same way, you will be opening the Fyers web platform to check your charts and indicators in it and you can any broker of your choice to execute your trades. On top of that, Fyers has some drag and drop features which are very handy while implementing stop loss, trailing stop loss, etc. Also, Fyers have thematic investments which is somehow similar to smallcase but I have to say smallcase is much better and provides a wide range of choice. If you are a serious trader, algo trading is also available but without coding. Click here to sign up on

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Get TradingView Pro With Dhan, a Fully Integrated

You can directly order from the TradingView Dashboard by integrating the Dhan account.

Dhan is the first Indian broker with the ability to fully trade on TradingView. It is free and is of the best innovative stock broker in India. On top of getting TradingView for free, you also get free SmallCase subscriptions for free if you use Smallcase using Dhan Broker.

How to complete Upstox sign-up within 5 minutes?

First, get the documents listed above ready as the required documents are the same. After getting the documents done, click here to get to the registration page. The registration process is almost the same as the registration process of Complete the on-screen instructions. It is best if you register using a computer.

Please remember that it will take another 24-72 working hours to verify and open your Demat and trading account. Once the process is complete you will receive the final with your client ID and other details. Once you login in you will see a panel like the photo below.

Click on the little trading view icon on the top right side as marked above. Your view will be switched to TradingView. As you can see the screen for the chart is just too small and it is very uncomfortable especially when you start adding indicators. Having said this, you can open the script in a new tab and you can do anything you want in the new window with TradingView including all the premium features for free. Don’t look at my PNL :(.

Upstox is one of the fastest-growing discount brokers in India with Ratan Tata investing in it. It has some of the most useful features with regards to FNO sections like open interest, easily list the options, and many other features. Upstox is offering free account opening for now and is also offering Rs. 1000 credit in brokerage for the first 30 days. I will be honest, for intraday and FNO, Upstox is one of my favorite brokers. Click here to sign up now.

TradingView Pro for free using Exness Forex Broker

Just a few days back, Exness has integrated TradingView for free. If you are in Forex, this is the best option. Exness also recently introduced free swap fees. Keep in mind that if you are using Exness, you are limited to pairs and instruments that are available to trade as provided by Exness. As you can see below, I added more than 3 indicators just to show that premium features are available in Exness Forex Broker.

Click here to signup on Exness Forex Broker. It is completely free and it is fully supported for Indian traders also. I will get little commissions if you signup using my link. With such little commissions, I am able to run this blog and also gives me more motivation to write more articles like this.

TradingView Pro for free using FXCM

FXCM is providing TradingView Pro for free for 1yr if they signup on their platform. You can signup by clicking here. I personally don’t use FXCM and don’t have the full idea for this platform. I use Exness but it doesn’t provide the TradingView premium. Moreover, it is free for only one year on FXCM.

Are you wondering how can you track all your investments from mutual funds, stocks, bonds, loans, etc. in one place? INDMoney app is the right one. Check out the link below to know the full details of INDMoney in the INDMoney review.

Now you have three methods to get TradingView Pro for free. The best one is to sign up the and use the TradingView platform provided by Fyers including its premium features. The second is the Upstox and third is using FXCM. Please remember that in the Fyers, you can get the details of the currency pairs also but it will be different in terms of volume, volatility, etc. Click the links below to sign on to respective brokers.

Click here to sign up on

Click here to sign up on Upstox.

Click here to sign up on FXCM.

If you are still not satisfied with this, you can always buy the TradingView Premium from the official website by following the link here.

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Also, Tradecred is an alternative to stock market investments. You can check it out by clicking here.

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