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Internet Banking Safety Precautions – 10 Things You Are Doing It Wrong

Lately, the internet banking safety precaution has been a very important topic among many internet banking users. Today, we will look into the internet banking safety precautions, what are the security precautions to be used while using online banking. Today’s digest will be much more in depth than a simple internet banking security ppt and will include the much searched information about the internet banking safety on mobile phones. According to the encyclopedia: Cyber Crime: Identity theft, identity theft and cyber crime costs billions of dollars every year.

Internet Banking Safety Precautions

Most of you might think that you are taking enough precautions for your internet banking safety precautions but in fact you are exposed to hackers and phishing websites. 10 internet banking safety precautions you are doing the opposite way are

  • Never install mod apps outside of play-store or cracked software in your system.
  • Never use the save password option prompted by your browser both in mobile and in computers.
  • Never log in to any website while you are connected to a public WiFi like in airport, public plaza, government WiFi, railway, etc.
  • Never click a photo of your bank details and save it in your gallery.
  • Never download unknown file attachments from unknown senders in email.
  • Never click on suspicious email links.
  • Never install some random chrome extensions ever.
  • Always update your OS and banking mobile apps.
  • Do not pay using your online banking credentials in unknown sites unless you trust it.
  • Never use internet banking in a public cafe.
  • Always change your log in passwords periodically.
  • Always use two-factor authentication if bank offers.

The above list doesn’t include the normal precautions to be used while using online banking for a safety online banking usage such as

  • never tell your login details to anyone including your friends,
  • always keep your banking passwords different from other normal sites,
  • use updated genuine antivirus,
  • use strong passwords by combining numbers, capital letters, special characters, etc.
  • never install any different app for KYC veritifaction,
  • don’t tell OTP to anyone,
  • Never entertain any calls asking for ATM renewal, verification, KYC update, etc. Always go to bank for such activities.
  • look for secure https not http when looking for online banking activities.

We will discuss of the above two lists in detail in this post to keep your online banking safe and away from any hacking. And I will also explain how to prevent such things and what software and tool you should use. Before starting, the first and foremost thing you must do is not giving your login details i.e. username and password to anyone including your friends and family members. We will also discuss if internet banking is safe on mobile phones? The short answer is YES, it is safe to do internet banking in mobile phones with proper precautionary measures.

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Never install mod apps outside of play-store or cracked software in your system.

Have you ever search for COC mod apk files or cracked VPNs or crack windows OS or photoshop or any cracked software? If yes, then stop doing it from today onward. Remember that you have to disable the anti-virus software while installing these apps or software and why do you think you need to disable the anti-virus software? The simple answer is that often these cracked software or mod apps contain viruses and trojans that can seriously cause trouble in your online environment. The crack developers can easily insert a snippet of code that can steal your identity on such software. You can find many examples in the internet but for you information you can read one here.

So, how do you remove any such unwanted viruses or software? Sometimes, it is very simple, all you need to do is uninstall the installed software. Sometimes, the virus won’t let you uninstall. In the later case, you can use any uninstaller software but personally I always find revo uninstaller the most efficient and easiest software to use. It costs only $29.95 for unlimited devices which means you can use in all the devices you have. Click here to buy it now with offers. You can force uninstall any software or force delete any folder which you can’t for any reason. You can also scan for any suspected software and folders.

So, by installing such crack or mod apps just for saving some bucks, you are risking a major security blow to your online internet banking safety.

Never use the save password option prompted by your browser both in mobile and in computers.

Are you one of those people who will always save the username and password of a newly signup website or account whenever your web browser prompts if you want to save? If YES, then you are in trouble. After reading this, follow the steps given below and delete all of them. Anyone can see your saved passwords which is self explanatory. Also, I will tell how to manage your password by using a password manager safely. Ever seen a prompt like this?

Internet banking safety- save password prompt
Chrome save password prompt.

This is a very convenient way of storing your passwords for different websites. But there is only one problem with this method. All these passwords are one click away from being known to everyone. You can access all your saved passwords by simply clicking the three dots in your chrome, select setting and then enter password in the search bar. You can also search for “autofill” without the quotes. If you are confused see the image below.

Internet banking safety - saved auto filled passwords
Google Chrome Saved Passwords.

I am taking google chrome in this example but the procedure are almost same for any browser. If you want to see the password then click on the eye icon next to passwords you want to see. Now enter the PIN or password of your computer then, it will show you the password.

Now, imagine you have saved your internet banking password and username in this or the same password used in your internet banking with some other site is stored in this. One of your friends who knows your computer password or PIN (which is very common) takes your PC and steals everything. This is one of the most dangerous and undertook problem that will lead to serious problems in your safe online internet banking.

So, how do you manage the passwords from hundreds of websites? Before answering, let’s be honest that you have signed up to hundreds of sites and some of the passwords are same while some are different. It is almost impossible to remember all of them and more importantly on which website did you use which password. I use a password manager software to save all my passwords and it is securely stored and can even syn with different devices. Out of the many available in the market, my favorite password management software is the Dashlane. It has both free and premium versions. You can stick with the free version as well but once you uninstall the Dashlane software, all the stored passwords are lost unless you are a premium member. Please follow the link here to download the Dashlane here.

Internet banking safety- Download NordVPN - Dashlane 5 - New and Improved!
Dashlane – the best password manager software. Download Now.

Follow the above link, download the Dashlane software and create your account. You will need to install chrome plugin. After that it is very simple and easy to use. Every time you enter a new password, it will save for you and sync with other devices if you are a premium user. Now, let’s say if want of your friends want to use your laptop, all you have to do is log off the dashlane software and hand over the laptop or computer to your friend.

Never log in to any website while you are connected to a public WiFi like in airport, public plaza, government WiFi, railway, etc.

Do you think the public wifi even if it contains a password are safe? No, it is not safe for you to connect to a public wifi and do online banking transactions. Whenever you want to do important secure browsing always switch to your own wifi or data connection. Or always use a VPN. Personally I always use a premium VPN. DO NOT use a FREE VPN. I like the Nord VPN and IPVanish VPN even though there are many VPNs. Never use any FREE VPN because they collect all your date and sell it to highest bidder. Click here to buy the Nord VPN and here to buy the IPVanish VPN.

Internet banking safety- Download NordVPN
Buy the Nord VPN Now.
Internet banking safety- Download IPVanish VPN
Buy the IPVanish VPN Now.

Do not afraid to spend some extra bucks on a VPN not only for using in Public wifis but also for your overall internet security. I have also written more about the VPN and everything you need to know about them here.

I think this one is pretty self explanatory yet many people do it. What if someone saw the photo and save or take a snap of it? What if a hacker gain access to your devices and copied all the photos? So, the safest option is to remember in your head. The last resort must be to write down in a piece of paper and save it somewhere where no can do see it.

Never download unknown file attachments from unknown senders in email.

Have you ever received email containing files that you never expected in the spam folder? Well they are in spam folder for a reason. Even if they are not in the spam folder, always be careful with what you are downloading from the email attachment or clicking on links containing in any email. Look here on how US hacked Iranian nuclear facilities by using email attachments and links.

How to prevent malware from phishing emails?

The best option to prevent malware from phishing emails is to never click any link from any unknown senders. In case you believed you are infected, then I personally use the anti-malware software by the malwarebyte and it is the best in the market. At $89.99 it offers the security plus a VPN which we have talked above. Check out the link here to buy the Malwarebyte from the official website.

Internet banking safety – Never install some random chrome extensions ever.

This is very important. Do not install unnecessary chrome extensions or any browser extensions for that matter. Often these fishy extensions come from movie download sites and illegal cracked download software sites. This happens when a user click on a link where the user thinks that it is the original download link but it the download link ad of the extension. By installing such extensions, you are self infecting your system or mobile.

How to delete chrome virus, malware extensions?

If your system is already infected with such extensions then you will notice that your default search engine is changed to something unknown engine other than Google or Bing. You can not edit or change the default search engine. The extensions are automatically reinstalled again. To solve this problem, I use the adwarecleaner from MalwareByte. This simple tool has saved me on multiple occasions. It is a free tool so everyone can download by following the link here.

Adware Cleaner

Always update your OS and banking mobile apps.

This seems like a normal measure for most of us but it is a very serious way to tackle any unwanted hacking of your details. For example, say a company come to know that the current version of the app is having a bug that lets hacker to gain access to any device using certain measures. Obviously, the company will release a newer updated version of the app where the bug is fixed. However, for most of the users, updating app is like why is it always coming while there is no daily data quota. We (most of us) seem to think that saving the data for some youtube video or tik tok video is more important than updating OS or apps. However, I would also like to caution that please check the version you are trying to update are free from any bug and vulnerability. Do not opt for any beta updates as it may contain many bugs.

Do not pay using your online banking credentials in unknown sites unless you trust it.

So, you found this website which is super nice and cool that you want to buy a product from this site. HOLD your horses, at least for 5 minutes to check if the site is secure enough to enter your bank credentials. First thing you have to check is if the site has https over http. Do a quick Google search with the search strings like “name of the site” plus scam. For example, flipkart scam, amazon scam, etc. But, every site will have negative reviews and scam reviews given by users who happened to experience a terrible time but the site is legit. So, check out overall reviews.

Never use internet banking in a public cafe.

This is not only for cafe but in any public places even if you are connecting to your own wifi or cellular data. This time I am not talking about WiFi security but the CCTV cameras installed in such public places. They can zoom in and see your key strokes and steal your identity. So, if you want to enter passwords, you can enter by giving minimum view of your keyboard.

Always change your log in passwords periodically.

I can’t say this enough. Change your passwords periodically. Even the most secure websites like from NASA, US military are hacked. For example, if a major bank is hacked then, all the user details are in the hands of hackers. If the password used in that bank is same as those in another bank, then hackers gained the access to the other bank easily. This can be prevented by having different passwords and by changing the passwords periodically.

Always use two-factor authentication if bank offers.

Two factor authentication is the process where you need to enter some kind of OTP even after entering the password. This OTP is either in the device only you can have or is sent to the registered mobile number. This will add an extra layer of security. Just in case if your credentials are compromised, you still have the OTP in your hand. So, always opt for OTP or two factor authentication whenever the bank offers.

The above mentioned internet banking safety measures are specially chosen where are very important yet very commonly made mistakes. These online internet banking security measures are not known to many people and often take part unknowingly.

Is internet banking safe on mobile phones?

Yes internet banking is safe on mobile phones. But you have to follow the online banking security measures that I have pointed out above in this post. In short, do not install unknown apps outside of official playstore. Do not install any screen recording software unless you know what you are doing. Do not give access to your smartphone to anyone remotely. Apart from the these check out the tips I listed above and below for a better mobile online internet banking experience.

Safe online banking general tips

Apart from the above internet banking safety measures, let’s see the general online banking tips to make it more secure and hard to hack for the hackers.

Always keep your banking passwords different from other normal sites.

So, in order to minimize the confusion, we all do what all humans do, keep the passwords same for each site right? It is a terrible idea. Ideally, you should keep all passwords different for each site. But, you should keep the password different for banking related accounts as these are high risk sites. I use Dashlane to prevent password confusions. Check out above to know more details.

Use updated genuine antivirus.

Always use only genuine antivirus software. Never ever download crack antiviruses. It is worth the money you will spend in this antivirus. Check out the popular antivirus software below:

Business Security – 20% off Geared to the performance and online protection small businesses need.

F-Secure Anti-Virus landing page

Use strong passwords by combining numbers, capital letters, special characters, etc.

People always think that their passwords are safe and no one can hack it is just a wrong assumption. There are computers that can try 1000s of combinations if not millions per second and guess your password. So, if a hacker knows a little detail about you like your name, date of birth and some other details, your password combining of your name and date of birth is very easy for them to hack.

To prevent from such incidents, I use Dashlane password manager. It can even generate password that no can hack. Check out the Dashlane details above in this post.

Never install any different app for KYC veritifaction.

You might heard of stories like some of your friends were asked to install some KYC update apps for PayTm KYC verification, or any other apps. Never fall into this trap. You don’t need to install any different app for KYC update. All these apps and calls are fake and scam calls. Do not respond to such calls.

Never entertain any calls asking for ATM renewal, verification, KYC update, etc. Always go to bank for such activities.

As I have said above, do not entertain any kind of such call or email. All these are fake calls. If you need any kind of help just go to the nearest branch and they will help you.

So, these are the major security tips for a safe and secured online internet banking. If you think I missed something, add in the comment section below. I will update with your suggestions in the post. If you have any questions or queries regarding the internet banking safety measures you can always reply to this post or contact in the email.

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