Who is the girl in the groww app youtube video

What Is The Name Of Groww App YouTube Girl?

Are you having a crush on the Groww App YouTube girl? Well, you are not alone searching Groww app youtube girl name in Google. Today, you will know some details of this amazing lady. In short, the name of Groww App YouTube girl is Aleena Rais. She is a chartered accountant (CA) and is popularly known as CA Aleena Rais. Apart from being in daily Groww YouTube video, she has her own massive YouTube video, Instagram profile. We will try to know as much as possible in this post. Read till the end.

Who is CA Aleena Rais?

CA Aleena Rais is a chartered accountant by profession and is a YouTube and Instagram influencer. She has two YouTube channels by the name of Aleena Rais Live and Aleena Rais Hindi. Her Instagram handle is aleena_rais_insta. I am sorry to break the heart of so many of you that she is married. Recently, in one of her videos, she reacted to her videos with her husband by her side without showing the face. You can check the video below.

She recently uploaded a photo of her husband on Instagram. You can check it below.

Her channel is mainly about her personal life and teaching people simple English. Most of her videos are about learning English. She has her own website at aleenarais.com/home. It is a simple website.

If you want to know every detail, then you can go to this link and check it out. Remember some of the information in this link seems outdated.

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Role of CA Aleena Rais on Groww.

Aleena is one of the main faces you will see on the Groww YouTube channel. She handles daily update videos related to stocks news. She is also featured in market recap videos and sometimes in other videos.

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How to invest in Groww?

If you are searching for the Groww app youtube girl name, you probably have already invested in Groww. Just in case if you haven’t signed up in Groww, click here to signup on Groww and activate your Demat account to get Rs. 100 absolutely for free. One of the best features of Groww is that it won’t charge you any account maintenance charge, account opening charge, etc.

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