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RozDhan App Review – Invite Code, How much can you make?

RozDhan App Review: RozDhan App is the new hero in the town of make money by completing task in an App. Today, we will dive into Rozdhan App Review with full details on how to earn, how to withdraw, minimum amount, how much you can earn etc. etc. Is it real or legit? Answers to every doubt you have on Roz Dhan. Don’t miss the invitation code. There are many other similar Apps in the play-store. However, I have downloaded the RozDhan App to check it out and I am writing this Rozdhan App review from a realistic point of view. There is also an invitation code to get yourself Rs.25. Read till the last to get the invitation code. UPDATE: I have received more than two times of payment in my PayTm Wallet. Read till the end to see the screenshot of the payment.

What Is RozDhan App & How It Works?

RozDhan is an app available in the Google Play which allows an user to earn coins by registering and completing simple tasks like reading news article, sharing the articles, inviting friends, playing games, etc. The coins are converted to rupees after midnight. The money can be withdrawn through PayTm when it reaches Rs. 200 in the users account. I have to stress that the articles are not useless stuffs but mostly news you usually read from the news websites. So, you can just read here make some coins. I will say that by using this, you won’t become a millionaire, I just want to make this clear. People are complaining about amount of earnings. Now let’s go ahead and see how to download and start using the App.

Download Roz Dhan App: Earn Money, Read News, and Play Games

Downloading and installing the RozDhan App is simple and easy just like any other app. Follow the link below to download and install the app. Wait for the installation to complete. For now the app is only available for Android users.

Download RozDhan App from Google Play.
Download RozDhan App from Google Play.

After the download is completed, open the app. You will be asked to select a language. This is one of the features I like, it offers a many local languages –Hindi, Marathi, Telegu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and English. This makes local users very handy. I haven’t tried any languages other than English but I am sure they are doing a good job.

Next you have to give required permissions to get started. Click on the give permission button and allow all the required permissions. Next, you have to enter your mobile number to register. The RozDhan App will send you an OTP to verify the mobile number. Enter the OPT and you will be verified. That’s it! Voila! You can now start earning coins (money). You get money even for reading the FAQs on the app. This is to make sure you have read the basics of the App and how it works.

Rozdhan coin value in rupees

Every Rozdhan app 250 coins is equal to Rs. 1. So for every 250 coins you earn in Rozdhan you are earning one rupee. For example, if you have 100 coins then you have 40 paise. If you have rozdhan 1000 coins then you have earned Rs. 4. Similarly, Rozdhan 1250 coins means Rs. 5, 500 Rozdhan coins means Rs. 2. So, you need to earn Rozdhan 50000 coins to reach Rs. 200 in order to able to withdraw it.

Rozdhan App Review: Ways to earn coins and money from Rozdhan App

There are many ways to earn money from Rozdhan App. Let’s see all of them one by one.

Daily Check in:

You can earn daily coins just for check in with the app. The more consecutive days you check in, the more coins you get daily. The amount of maximum coins you can earn cycles every week. So, just opening the app and tapping the check in button will give you free money.

Random coin wheel:

You can click on the fortune of wheel icon on the right bottom of the page and a random coin is given for free. There is a cool-down period and you have to wait for it. The more you play on the fortune of wheel, the more amount you earn each try.

Read the instant article from notification

You will get notifications in your smartphone and every time you open and read the article, you will get 20 coins. So, you can read as many as instant notification articles and earn as much as you want.

Read normal articles

There are normal articles besides from the one in the notification tray. You can read as many as you want and you will get 5 coins for each article you read.

Share articles

YES! You get coins for sharing articles too. So, what are you waiting for. I know you are waiting to complete this article. So, continue till the end and install the app using the link below, enter the invite code and get Rs. 25 for free.

Invite friends

YUP! I read it right, you get Rs. 5 for every friend you refer to Rozdhan App. In this review, I am giving you my invite or referral code. So, when you enter the code, I get Rs. 5 while you get Rs. 25. It is a win-win situation.

Play Games

You get coins for playing small games unlike other games where you pay money to get items.

Complete Offerwalls

Rozdhan is introducing new features and one is offerwalls. In this you will be given some tasks and when you complete it, you get coin. The tasks include installing apps, doing surveys etc.

RozDhan App Review: How much money can you make?

I can’t tell you how much you can make from the Roz Dhan App but what I can tell you is that you won’t be making crores just to make it clear. However, you can make reasonable amount of money by doing all normal things you do in your smartphone. Let’s do some math, are you ready for it? As a part of this Rozdhan App reivew, I will be posting updates to let you know how much I am making as a normal user. Stay tune for the updates.

RozDhan gives you Rs. 25 for signing up and another Rs. 25 for entering an invite code (scroll down below you get invitation code) which makes Rs. 50 just for joining the App. Additionally you will get 100 coins for reading FAQa (frequently asked questions) plus 200 coins for filling up your basic information and an additional 20 coins for daily checking in. Rs.1 is equal to 250 coins. These are the amounts you can get mostly for just signing up doing nothing.

Here comes the main ways to make money from RozDhan App. First is reading pushed article. You will get a notification on your phone and by clicking that article and reading it you will get 20 coins (little less than 10 paisa). For quick reading any articles you will get 5 coins. You can read as many articles as you want. It depends on you.

Another way is to play games. There are tons of games like cricket, card games, pin balls, car racing games, football, zombie games and many more. The more time you play the more you earn. It all depends on you.

You can share the articles or rankings which earns 200 coins which is a good amount.

So the real question of how much you can make from RozDhan App is depend on how much time you have to read the articles and play the games. What I like is that you do daily normal stuffs you do in your phone and make some money out of it.

RozDhan App Review: What is the minimum amount and where do I get the money?

The minimum amount for you to be able to withdraw in RozDhan App is Rs. 200. Once you reached the minimum amount you can withdraw it through PayTm money. Your PayTm account should be KYC verified and you will receive the requested amount within 2 business days. How long will it take before your first withdrawal? Well Let’s say you have invited 5 friends to join the RozDhan App, you will get extra Rs.6 per invite which makes another Rs. 30 in your account. Now from the initial Rs. 50 + 30 and let’s assume you earn Rs. 10 per day which is 2500 coins daily (not difficult to earn), you can request your first withdrawal by 13th day after joining the RozDhan App.

Again this depends on your investment of time. If you keep earning Rs. 10 then for every 20 days you can request or if you make Rs. 20 daily then for every 10 days you can request withdrawal. Rs. 50 daily means every 4 days! Now enjoy your daily smartphone usage by earning money with Roz Dhan App. By the way modern smartphones never last their battery. So, I have checked out and wrote about the best powerbanks in India to help spend more time in RozDhan app by supplying never ending batteries. Check it out by following the link here. You will get special offers from there too.

How to withdraw money from Rozdhan app?

To withdraw the money, you just have to click the withdraw button in the ‘me’ tab of Rozdhan App. After that, you will be asked to enter your real name, registered Paytm mobile number, and your mobile number. After that, you have to wait for up to 2 days to receive the money. That’s it, you have successfully withdrawn the money earned from the Roz Dhan app.

How to withdraw money from Rozdhan App?
How to withdraw money from Rozdhan App?

RozDhan App Review: Is RozDhan App legit?

Yes! Google is taking extra care on many scamming apps and RozDhan App won’t be in Google Play if it isn’t legit. I am enjoying the app. Many have posted their payment proof. I will post my payment proof too. Rest assured, I won’t post about an app which is not legit. This will bring down my credibility and hurt my blog and most importantly my readers. So, is rozdhan app real or fake? As I have received many payments, to my opinion, it is a real app and it is paying out its customers.

Many have asked Rozdhan app is from which country? The Rozdhan App from India headquarter at Pune as per the information in their website as follows:
Teerth Technospace,
Behind Merecedez Showroom,
Baner, Pune, Maharashtra,
Pin: 411045
And the Rozdhan App is not Chinese.

Roz Dhan App Invitation Code Free Rs. 25

I am giving my invitation code. By entering the code you will get free Rs. 25 and I will also get Rs. 6. Am I doing this just to get the Rs. 6? The answer is no! I am just trying to inform you all the details about it and how can you make most out of it. The RozDhan App invitation code is :06YZE3. It is zero not ‘O’ the letter. Enter the code and you will get Rs. 25. I will tell you how to enter the RozDhan App invitation code. Open the Rozdhan App and press on the “Earn Money” icon on the lowest part of the screen. After opening the page, you will see “Enter friend invite code”, click on that and enter the vode “06YZE3” and then press “Add”. Now you will get Rs. 25. Share your codes with your friends so that they can get Rs. 25 and you Rs. 6. Don’t waste time, what are you waiting for copy the code and paste it to your app. HURRY!

The invitation code for the RozDhan App is :06YZE3

Final Verdict

At the end of Rzdhan App review, I highly recommend this app because it doesn’t blast your phone with ad notifications and is not resource heavy. It is also very user friendly. The things you need to do in the app to earn money is all the normal stuffs you do daily like daily news, playing some games, sharing some articles you think it is important, etc.

Having said that if you are thinking you are going to become rich by joining this app, please remove that thought from your mind. It can’t be a full time job but rather a friendly and useful supplement just like the protein powders. You can’t eat only protein powders they are supplements. So, go ahead by following the link below, join the app, enter the invitation code above and starting earning some money. Don’t forget to check out the top articles on the right side of this page.

Download RozDhan App from Google Play.
Download RozDhan App from Google Play.

RozDhan App Review: UPDATE 1 – 21 July’19

I have been using the Rozdhan App for more than a week as a normal user for the purpose of Rozdhan App review. I haven’t entered any referral code because most of you will be without any friends joining this app. I wanted to know without the extra Rs.25 how much I can make it. After about two weeks of using the Rozdhan App as a part of this review, I at about more than Rs.50. I am not highly using the Rozdhan App like all the time but hardly one to one and half hours in a day. I am clicking the push notifications only. I am not playing games and other things. So, you can earn more by doing other tasks. This proves that you can earn something with the Rozdhan App.

Rozdhan App Earnings Update 2- 29th July’19

This week, some of you signed up using my code – ‘06YZE3‘. By 29th July my earnings for Rozdhan App is at Rs. 64.18. If you want to know if Rozdhan app payment is really fast or slow, join using my code and let’s see together.

I will keep updating like every two weeks or s0 to see how much I am earning. Stay tune on this space to see how much I am making.

Update 3: Finally received payment (17-11-19)

Hello guys, sorry for the late update. But I am here for another update. This time, the most awaiting moment for everyone. I requested for withdrawal and received it after 5 days on 17th Nov, 2019. I will include the photo proofs below. For users with first time withdrawal request, you will need to link your PayTm wallet account using the registered mobile number and submit your PAN card number for proper tax. For tax purposes, they will deduct Rs. 20 out of the 200. You can request a maximum of 200 at one time with max limit of once per day.

I am already near to another withdrawal. Thanks to you all guys for signing up using my code. I will keep updating so stay tune. I have received payments and I think, there is no need to upload the photos as you have already seen them above for earlier payments. But, if you want it, comment down below or send me an email, I will update it here.

Rozdhan App Withdrawal Update 26-01-2021

Hello again, I got another withdrawal completed on 26-01-2021 from Rozdhan. It was another payment from Rozpush in Paytm wallet and took around a week from request to finally receiving to my wallet. By this point, I can safety say that this app is payout to its users regularly.

To be honest, I don’t use it regularly as I don’t use an android phone regularly. Thanks to you all, I got earnings from you all signing up by using my referral code. I can’t thank you enough for this. Keep it up. If you like this kind of cashback and wallet websites and apps, kindly message me, I will review these apps.

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