VAULD Review all in one app for crypto

Vauld Review, Why Vauld Is My Favorite Crypto Investment/Exchange App?

Howdy friends? Today we will read about the Vauld review – the new Crypto Investment/Trading App – and why it is becoming my favorite App to invest in and trade crypto. In short, Vauld is an all-in-one Crypto App for trading, investing, earning interest in your investments, take loans with your crypto assets as collateral with one of the lowest fees available in the market. In this post, we will discuss everything about the signing up process, KYC process, INR Deposit/withdrawal process, fees, Pro trading, refer a friend, etc. Read the full article you will get so much useful information.


  • What is Vauld?
  • How to sign up on Vauld?
  • How to complete KYC easily on Vauld?
  • How to add your wallet address, bank account, UPI details on Vauld?
  • How to deposit INR or fiat currency on vauld?
  • How to buy crypto in Vauld?
  • What is ProTrading in Vauld?
  • What is the difference between buy/sell and swap crypto in Vauld?
  • What are the fees in Vauld?
  • How to earn interest on your crypto assets on Vauld?
  • How to create a fixed deposit in Vauld to earn ineterest on your crypto assets?
  • How to avail loan on your crypto assets?
  • What are the different interest rate on Vauld both on your investments and loans?
  • Is there any risks on investing on Vauld?
  • Vauld review – my experience of using Vauld.
  • Why is Vauld my favorite platform for crypto?

Vauld Review, everything you need to about Vauld Crypto Investment/Trading App

What is Vauld?

Vauld is a combination of multiple services related to crypto including – buying, selling, sending receiving, earning interest on crypto assets, taking loans from your crypto assets as collateral, etc. You can think of this as a market and bank in one place for crypto. One of the best features of Vauld is the combination of the trading platform and its lending platform. In most of the other apps, you have to buy your crypto from somewhere, then transfer it to another app to earn interest on your crypto assets.

Again, if you wish to sell that asset, you have to send it back to another exchange and sell it. During this process, your profit margin will be reduced much due to fees in each platform and gas fees in each transaction. In Vauld, all these processes are available in one platform with the least possible fees.

It also offers the highest possible returns on your crypto FDs ranging from 4-12% per annum. You can also avail crypto loans on low interest with no EMI and interest only on the number of days you took loans.

The Pro Trading feature is also one of the fastest and easiest crypto trading platforms. If you are simply looking to buy or exchange some crypto, you can do it without entering the trading platform with some simple easy clicks. You can also swap crypto very easily.

Is Vauld a wallet?

Technically no but you can receive crypto, send out crypto just like a wallet would do. The major difference is that you won’t get the recovery phrases that you have in a real wallet app.

How to sign up on Vauld?

Signing up on Vauld is a very easy task. All you need to do is download the app (if you are on a mobile device) or go to the Vauld signup page on the Vauld. Click here to open the signup page or download the App. Enter the code: themreview and get an extra 1.25%, 10% on your interest payout, on your trading fees, and an offer of 1.25% on the fees of your loans. I also get a small cut of your fees. If you enter others’ fees you won’t get any of the kickbacks I mentioned above.

Once you enter your email or sign up using other methods listed there, you will need to verify your mobile number and email just like any other sign-up process.

What is the account opening charge for Vauld?

There is no account opening charges at all in Vauld. It is absolutely free to open an account in Vauld.

How to complete KYC easily on Vauld?

Once you complete the initial signup and email verification process, you will need to complete the KYC process. You can complete it by clicking on the complete KYC button that you will see on the homepage until you verify you as below:

To complete the KYC process, you will need to have your tax number eg. PAN card for Indians, and whatever relevant document for respective countries. You will also need to take a selfie with your smartphone or webcam. The verification process is completed within minutes but you will need to wait for some time just in case.

How to add your wallet address, bank account, UPI details on Vauld?

Once you complete the KYC process, the next step in Vauld before you start using it is adding your wallet details, bank details UPI details. You need to click on the account icon on the top left corner for app users or top right corners for desktop users, a popup will appear, click on the setting button and then click the bank icon as you can see in the below photos.

Within that bank icon, you will find three options – (a) crypto, (b) bank and, (c) UPI. Provide your account details correctly. It will need about 30 mins to 4 working hours. Without this step, you will not be able to deposit or withdraw fiat.

How to deposit INR or fiat currency on vauld?

To add money in fiat or deposit crypto from other exchanges, all you need to do is click on the wallet tab be it in App or in the website. Once you click on the wallet, click on the asset or fiat currency you want to deposit to. If you click crypto asset, you will see a deposit, send, and loan. Click on the deposit tab, you will see all your wallet/account details.

I am taking INR as an example here, you will see the current account details you need to add as a beneficiary only from the account you added in your Vauld account. Any deposit from any other account will be rejected even if that account is in your name unless you add the account in your Vauld account.

Now, copy the account details and add beneficiaries in your bank account, waiting for your bank to approve the beneficiary. Once it is approved, you can send the deposit amount to that account. Once it is confirmed, your Vauld wallet will reflect the amount almost instantly.

Note that, there is a difference between the amount being debited from your account and the transaction being confirmed as completed. So there will be a delay until your bank confirms the transactions. For me, I use IndusInd bank and it takes around 10-45 minutes while one of my friends uses HDFC, and it is almost instant.

So, if you have multiple bank accounts, you can check by adding multiple bank accounts in your Vauld account as a review to check which bank has the fastest transfer of money.

How to buy crypto in Vauld?

There are three methods to buy crypto in Vauld as you can see in the photo below – (a) Instant buy and sell, (b) Instant Swap, and (c) Pro Trading. The instant buy and sell is for all those who don’t need a complex chart, indicator analysis for intraday or swing trading. This is perfect if you are looking to simply buy and be a HODL for a long time.

The instant swap feature is for swapping between different crypto assets without going to sell the crypto to INR/USDT then buy the other one from INR/USDT. This makes the process so simple and easy.

Pro Trading is, as the name suggests, is for the traders and has charts, indicators, drawings, etc.

Vauld crypto buying options.

(a) Vauld Review Instant buy and sell feature

In the Instant buy and sell feature in Vauld you can buy and sell crypto-only with your local currency. Because of this, some of the cryptos may not be available in the instant buy and sell tab. For example, SHIBA INU is only tradable in USDT and SHIBA INU. So, you can’t find this pair on the instant buy and sell. To buy SHIBA INU in Vauld, you will need to switch to Pro Trading. I will explain this in the later sections of this article.

Vauld review - Instant buy and sell feature.
Vauld buy and sell feature.

I use this feature when I just added INR to my account and I need USDT or BTC or ETH without the need to know the instant price or I am just buying to hold or send now to somewhere else.

I think you know when and why you should use the instant buy and sell feature in the Vauld. As a part of this Vauld review, I have used this feature multiple times and the orders are instantly executed and the reflection on the account is also instant once the order is confirmed.

What is the difference between buy/sell and swap crypto in Vauld – Vauld review?

(b) Vauld Review – Instant Swap

You might be asking why instant swap when you already can buy/sell and pro trading features in Vauld. I will explain with a simple explanation. Suppose, you take 1 bitcoin and you want to sell it and buy Ethereum for the same amount.

If you go for the instant buy and sell feature, first you will need to sell the BTC to INR, then buy the ETH with the INR with fees on each transaction. The same applies to the Pro Trading platform. How to avoid this? With Vauld’s instant swap feature, you can instantly swap your current crypto holdings to another supported crypto without any much fee and with a simple click.

All you need to do is select BTC in I have and select ETH in the I want section. Enter the amount you want to swap and press swap now. Voila, that’s it. You just swapped your BTC holdings to ETH with a single click without selling to fiat and then buying back the ETH. This is why the Instant Swap feature is very useful.

Vauld instant instant swap feature.
Vauld Instant Swap.

What is ProTrading in Vauld?

(c) Vauld Review – Pro Trading platform

You might be thinking, Vault doesn’t look like a platform that is fitted for traders but you are wrong. It is well suited for traders also by integrating TradingView features and popular indicators. As you can see below, you are presented with features like market dept, charts, order history, trade history, etc.

Vauld Pro Trading.

Click on the indicator (~) button just side of the fullscreen tab on the top right corner within the graph window. You can put your favorite indicators to analyze the chart and make your trading decisions. I will be honest, I am not a trader and I rarely use this unless I need to buy coins that I can not buy using the other two methods.

How to buy SHIBA INU coin in Vauld?

If you are searching to buy SHIBA INU in the instant buy and sell feature of Vauld, you will not find it. It is because trading pair of SHIB/INR is not available in Vauld. To buy SHIBA INU in Vauld, simply follow the steps below:

  • Add INR or fiat via your bank account.
  • Convert that INR or fiat to USDT using instant buy and sell feature in Vauld.
  • Go the Pro Trading in the Vauld Trading App.
  • Choose SHIBA/USDT pair.
  • Enter the amount you want to buy and complete the order.
  • Now you have succesfully bought SHIBA INU in Vauld.

Are you interested in crypto staking? Check out the article where I have written on how to stake KogeCoin and earn a hefty return APY by clicking here.

Vauld Pro Trading detail review

Now that I have had the time to trade some crypto in the pro trading platform, I will break down my review and opinion of the Vauld Pro Trading feature.

You can access the pro-trading feature just by clicking on the pro trading button on your mobile devices or through exchange>pro-traiding on your desktop browser. Once you entered the Vauld pro-trading feature, you will see a typical trading platform similar to most of the other crypto, equity trading apps.

Vauld review – Vauld pro trading 101

Before going any further, let’s go through the different features and how to get started with the screen. In the below photo, you can see marked numbers and I will explain each one of them.

  1. When you click on the MANA/USDT, you will see a mini popup with a list of pairs you can trade on Vauld. Inside that you can filter out with INR, USDT, BTC pairs, etc. You can click on the start sign to make a pair favorite so that you don’t have to search again and again.
  2. Number 2 shows the details of your selected pair. In this case the current price of MANA is 2.8446 with a 24 hr change of 0.3471 a +13.99% with 24hr high and low along with 24 hour volume of the respective pair you have selected.
  3. You can change the time frame of the graph in number 5. You can select the candlesticks for minutes, hours, days, weeks or month. This way you can better analyse the pair in different time frames ranging from a minute to a month.
  4. This two button allows you to go full screen if you click the right button of number 4 and add popular indicators like moving average, RSI, bollinger bands, etc.
  5. This is the display section where you can see graphs, candle sticks, different indicators you have selected and analyse the data presented there.
  6. This where you select whether to buy or sell the selected pair.
  7. This options allows you to select a limit order or a market order. Limit order allows you to sell or buy on a price of your chosing while market order allows you to trade on the current market price.
  8. This section allows you to enter the price you want if you are limit trading and the amount of the selected pair you to sell or buy. You can enter manually or select 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of your current wallet balance.
  9. This section shows the current market dept, last traded order details and recent orders.
  10. This section allows you to select different details related to orders. You can select open orders, recent orders, trade hisotory which will be displayed in the section12.
Vauld review - Vauld pro trading feature interface.
Fig. 1. Vauld Pro Trading Interface.

11. Section 11 allows you to select/unselect all trades. This allows you to filter the order details only to the current pair or all pairs.

How to select or change a trading pair in Vauld pro trading?

You can select or change a trading pair in Vauld pro trading by clicking the current trading pair on section 1 in the above photo and selecting the pair you want as shown in the photo below.

Vauld review - how to select/change a trading pair in Vauld.

You can click on the start (favorite) icon, INR, USDT, BTC, and all buttons. It will show your favorite pairs you have selected or other trading pairs like INR, USDT pairs, etc.

You can search any pair or crypto using the search bar and relevant results will be shown in the section just below it.

How to buy or sell cryptos like BTC, ETH, SHIB, MATIC, ADA, DOGE, etc. in Vauld pro trading?

Now that you have selected the trading pair you like to buy or sell using the method explained above, it is time to sell or buy that trading pair.

Now, go to the buy/sell section marked as number 6, as shown in Figure 1. Click on the buy if you want to buy or sell if you want to sell. Select limit order or market order. If you select limit order, enter the price in the price field and the amount you want to buy or sell.

Once you complete this, click the big light green button with either buy or sell depending on your choice. If you have done a market order, it will be executed immediately. If your order is a limit order, the order will be completed when a matching buyer or seller is available.

You can track your order details and history by clicking on section 10 of Figure 10. If your limit order hasn’t been fulfilled, you can cancel anytime by clicking on the cancel button.

Is short-selling allowed in Vauld?

As of now, Vauld doesn’t allow short selling. If you don’t know short selling, it is a practice where you sell an asset even before you have the asset in your portfolio and buy it back at a later time.

Why are still some cryptos left over even if I select 100% while selling?

Some leftovers in your wallets are called crypto dust in the crypto world. I have encountered this even after selecting sell 100% in the Vauld pro trading feature. So, I contacted customer support of Vauld and they told me that you can avoid this by using the instant buy and sell feature instead of pro trading feature of Vauld. They said that they are working on this but crypto dust is a general practice due to the difference in the instant exchange rates in that instant time.

Vauld review – Vauld pro trading performance, reliability

The pro trading feature of Vauld seems to load a bit slow and it takes time to refresh when you stayed out of that tab for some time. It will get to work after 20 secs to 1 minute. Response to any action seems to take more time than any other apps.

For example, you add a moving average or any indicator, it will show instantly but after some long seconds. Similarly, changing time frames, trading pairs also have the same response time. It is generally slower than other similar apps available in the market.

Not all pairs are available on other currencies. For example, SHIB is only available on USDT. For this, you have to exchange your Indian rupees for USDT and then you can start trading SHIB. By doing this, you are paying a fee and depending on the exchange rate of INR to USDT.

You can access the trade history in the history tab of the main Vauld window. But there you don’t have the ability to have a limit order. This is problematic if you are dealing with a highly volatile pair.

What are the trading fees in Vauld?

Trading fees in Vauld are really simple. Maker and taker fees are 0.1% each for all coins except for USDT/INR pair where there is no maker fee and only 0.005% in taker fee. You can see a part of the fees in the photo below. Or can you can the full list of trading fees by following this link here.

Do not confuse with other fees and interests. This is the fee when you trade.

Vauld trading fees.

How to earn interest on your crypto assets on Vauld?

One of the main reasons I am using Vauld is because of its interest and loan feature. In other major exchanges like WazirX, CoinSwitch, Binance, CoinCDX, you will not have any interests in the assets you hold besides the asset appreciation.

However, in Vauld, you will get a fixed return on your fixed deposits (FDs). Remember, if you are not creating an FD, you will not earn the highest possible interest. So, you will need to create an FD to earn the highest interest rates. Read the below details to know more full details about creating FDs and options available in the Vauld.

During this Vauld review, I have created BTC FD and USDT FD and have been earning interest. I am starting with a little amount just to check the features.

Vauld review – How to create a fixed deposit in Vauld to earn ineterest on your crypto assets?

Creating a fixed deposit in Vauld is fairly simple. All you need to do is click on the fixed deposit button if you are in a mobile app or click the investment tab if you are on a computer. Then select the asset you want to create the fixed deposit and confirm the process.

It is good to remember that not all assets support fixed deposits. These coins are represented by a little round circle on the icon of the icons. Also, you will not be able to select these coins while selecting the coin in the process. It is generally a good practice to check if the coin you are buying supports the FD facility.

You can also choose the auto-renew feature and in the auto-renew feature, you can opt for principal only or principal plus interest auto-renewal. You can do this easily. Watch the video below to know more.

All the fixed deposits you created will be paid out on the asset you have deposited. Like in the video above, I have created an FD in BTC so I will get paid in BTC, not in USDT.

As you can see in the photo below, 1. you have to choose the currency you want to deposit, 2. you can select the amount like 50%, 100% of the current holdings to deposit now, 3. You can choose whether to auto-renew or not, 4. in the advanced option, you can choose whether to renew principal only or principal plus interest, etc.

If you have already had a fixed deposit, you can manage the current deposits. Hover around the < icon just side of the current deposit you want to manage. As you can see on the number 5, you can opt-out, you can cancel the auto-renew without canceling the current FDs, etc.

Currently, I am in the process of review of Vauld and will be moving more of my assets to Vauld from other platforms.

Vauld review - how to create, close, manage fixed deposits on Vauld.

How does Vauld give interest?

You might be thinking, how on earth Vauld is able to give interest on your crypto assets at a rate that no banks will offer? The simple answer is that Vauld gives loan to users and also create a liquidity pool from your money and crypto-assets. The interest Vauld gets from these loans is used to give out interests to your FDs.

How to avail loan on your crypto assets?

Availing loans on Vauld with your crypto assets is also really simple. If you are in App, click on the loan on the home screen. If you are on a computer, click on the wallet and select the asset you want to keep as collateral.

If you are on the desktop, you will see three tabs deposits, send, and loans; select loans. Within that loan section, you will see take loan and view loans. If you want to take new loans, you enter the collateral amount and click confirm. If you already have loans, click view loans and there you can pay pack full, half, or whatever amount you want to.

Vauld review - loans
Vauld How to take a loan from Vauld.

If you are on a mobile device you will see take loan and view loan. The process is the same as the desktop one. Here are some of the few FAQs about taking a loan using your crypto assets.

Q. Can I take loans while having an FD at the same time?

A: No, you have to close the FD first to take the loan.

Q. How much collateral is required to take a loan?

A: You can get around 50-60% of your asset’s worth. For example, you will get a loan of $1000 if you have a crypto-asset worth at least $2000.

Q. What is the minimum amount of loan while taking a crypto loan on Vauld?

A: $1000.

Q. Is there any EMI?

A: No, there is no EMI, you can pay back whenever you want and you pay interest only on the days you have availed of the loan.

Q. What are the interest rate?

A: It varies, you can check it here.

Q. What happens if your crypto crashed to half?

A: I will write a mini ebook about this and how to minimize such a scenario. I will give the link here when it publishes. The ebook will tell you how to multiply your money while taking a minimum risk and what to do if there is a margin call when you have taken a loan.

What are the different interest rate on Vauld both on your investments and loans?

Different coins have different interest rates on Vauld depending on the volatility of the market. The savings rate is the interest rate you receive as soon as you deposit your money to Vauld. Fixed deposit rate (APY) is the interest rate if you create an FD. The rate is accounted for the compounded effect monthly.

The borrowing rate is the amount you need to pay if you decide to take a loan. The below photo is just a part of the list of all supported coins. You can check the full list by clicking here.

Vauld review - Vauld interest rates on loans
Vauld different interest rates.

Is there any risks on investing on Vauld?

Obviously, investing anywhere is always associated with risks. These risks you need to assess and take it appropriately based on your risk capability. I am not a financial advisor so I can not say anything more. I am just expressing my view and experience.

Why is Vauld my favorite platform for crypto?

I have used CoinSwitch, WazirX, ZebPay, Binance, and many other services. None of them provides all the facilities in one place. Moreover, the UI is very user-friendly, the KYC process is really simple. Trading and BUY/SELL is really simple.

The FD feature and loan feature is really the factor that attracted me here. I have been using this for almost a month and I will keep updating my experience.

Vauld review – my experience of using Vauld.

It has been a pleasant journey for me. I have deposited, traded, swapped cryptos and everything is working perfectly fine. The KYC process and user onboarding session are really simple and I really liked it. I am moving all my crypto investments here and will avoid using all other Apps except for Binance which I need for other purposes.

I have to say that currently, Vauld supports only ERC-20 tokens for coins based on the ethereum network so make sure you have selected the appropriate network while withdrawing crypto to the external wallet and while sending crypto funds from external sources. If you send money with the wrong network, your fund will be lost forever and there is no coming back even with the greatest hacker in the world.

If you want to know how to prevent it, I am writing another premium ebook. You can order it when it is released. If you want to know before the ebook is released, send me an email.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to start downloading/signing up process right now. Also, don’t forget to enter the referral code: themreview to get back some of the transaction fees.

Vauld Screen Freeze Problem

It has been more than a week I have been using Vauld and sometimes, it is failing to load the trading screen or it just freezes or can’t refresh the price in real-time. As you can see below, if you open the dashboard, it will not show your balance and the loading screen will show and is failing to load the page fully.

Vauld review - Vauld screen freeze problem

If you were in the Pro Trading screen or were trying to load the Pro Trading screen, you will stop refreshing the data in real-time or will simply load without finishing the loading fully. Vauld needs to solve this problem before seriously considering attracting more users.

Vauld review - Vauld screen freeze problem

Another problem with Vauld is that you can not enter the fractional numbers on many of the coins. The problem is that they will deliver the coins in fractional numbers but you have to sell them only in whole numbers. This will result in residuals of many coins in your account. For example, I bought some MANA and around 240 worth of MANA coin remained in my account. For example, you have 100.567 MANA but you can not sell 100.567 but you can only sell 100 MANA. The remaining 567 is stuck there in your wallet which is useless. Vauld needs to solve this problem.

Vauld review – Vauld referral program

Vauld offers a referral program or refer a friend section where a small percentage of the trading fees, interest incurred in FD, and loans are rewarded to you for referring new users into Vauld. This is a good practice as many well-established companies used referral programs to attract new users. All you need to do is go to the referral section, copy and spread the word.

Vauld referral bonus

You can even give back some to your friends when they signup under your link. That is why I am giving back to you friends when you use my link. Enter the code themreview while signing up on Vauld and get an extra 10% of the trading fees, 1.25% of the interest you get on FDs, and 1.25% of the interest you give when you take a loan.

You can do the same when you refer your friends. To do this, you will need to create a new campaign and enable the kickback button, and share the new link. The commissions you receive will be awarded in the coins your friends ordered. As you can see below, I am awarded in SHIB and ADA because one of my friends ordered SHIB and ADA.

Vauld review - Vauld referral bonus

Vauld review – pros

  1. All in one crypto app – trade, invest, SIP, earn interest, send, receive crypto all in a single app. First of its kind in India.
  2. Fairely low fees as compared to other competitors.
  3. Easy to sign up and complete the KYC process.
  4. Fixed deposits are flexible for 30 days. interests payed out weekly. It can be cancel anytime.
  5. Ability to have a systematic investment like a SIP.
  6. Buy the dip feature is a good feature for investors lurking for a price dip.
  7. Easy deposit/withdraw feature.
  8. Easy and user friendly UI.

Vauld review – cons

  1. Slow loading trading interface.
  2. Sometimes the dashboard and pro trading section stops loading midway.
  3. In the history section, it doesn’t show you the average price of your buy/sell order.
  4. You need to click show all trades to see all orders in the pro-trading section as shown in number 11 of Figure 1.
  5. For Indian users you might need to convert to USDT in order to start trading certain pairs like SHIB which is not good especially when you are paying fees for converting INR to USDT and then USDT to INR at the time of deposit and withdrawal respectively.
  6. No short selling feature.
  7. The overall loading and response of the trading feature of Vauld is slow as compared to other apps like CoinCDS, WazirX, etc.
  8. The referral section doesn’t show you which of your friends have how much order but a commulative earning details.
  9. The referral bonuses are in the respective crypto your referee bought not in INR or a stable coin. This means, you are stuck with that small amount of referral bonus as all the crypto have a minimum amount in order to sell unless you decide to buy that or you already have that.

Vauld Review – Which is the best crypto currency exchange in India?

I have used many exchanges and personally, I think Vauld is the best because of the integration of many features in a single platform which you needed to use multiple platforms to access these services earlier.

Check out TradeCred by following the link below:


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