Hashflare Promo Code Review

Hashflare Promo Code Review Best Bitcoin Cloudmining site?

Looking for Hashflare promo code and review? Scroll down below to get it. Continue reading to know more about Hashflare and cloud mining service. For those who have no idea what Hashflare is, it is a cloud mining service where you pay for cloud mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for a limited time and you get paid.

Hashflare Promo Code:

Don’t want to waste any time the hashflare promo code is “HF17PROF5” you get 5% OFF in any order. But wait, if would be great if join Hashflare using my link below. Already have an account? you can always create a new account.

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Hashflare Review:

Hashflare is one of the best cloud mining services you can choose if not the best. The ROI was under 55 days but it recently increased its price from $1.5 to $2.2 for 10GH, hence, the ROI increased to around 85 days based on the current price and difficulty of bitcoin at the time of writing this article. Nevertheless, it is still profitable in my opinion. The only drawback for hashflare is that the contact time is only one year where genesis mining offers lifetime contact as long as the contact is profitable.

Let’s say you paid for 1TH/s contract for $220 and current bitcoin price is  $18000 then you will be able to get your investment after around 100 days based on coinwarz. Coinwarz is a great site to calculate your profitability. Remember all the estimates are based on current price and mining difficulties. These factors will change in the future. Mining difficulties will change roughly after every two weeks.

Joining hashflare is simple, click on the link above and enter your details and that is it. Click on the buy and choose your contact and pay the price and BOOM!!. The payment will be updated once a day at 0000UTC time.

This is is a short post. Stay tuned for more updates here at Themreview. Check the video below for an interview with an executive of Hashflare. Check out How to get/ buy bitcoin in India, price, legality everything you need to know

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