How to stream SonyLiv from the USA

How to stream SonyLiv in the USA & Outside India?

Having trouble streaming SonLiv in the USA and other countries where the SonyLiv service is officially not available? Without wasting any time, you can stream SonLiv in the USA and outside India by using a good premium VPN like IPVanish VPN, Nord VPN, Express VPN, etc. Now that the secret is out, in today’s article, you will learn how to stream SonyLiv in the USA and other countries where the service is not available. You will also learn about why you can’t stream SonyLiv outside the official service area and why you are able to stream using a VPN. Which VPN is the best for streaming SonyLiv in the USA?

How to stream SonyLiv in the USA & outside India?

As mentioned in the above paragraph, you can stream SonyLiv in the USA by connecting to an India server using a premium VPN like IPVanish VPN, Nord VPN, Express VPN. If you are thinking of a free VPN, don’t even try it. I will tell the reason in the later section of this article why you shouldn’t try to stream SonyLiv in the USA using a free VPN.

Simply downloading a VPN and connecting it will not work and the same error will appear that the service is currently not available in your country or geography. Follow the below simple steps to start streaming SonyLiv in the USA and in other countries outside India:

  • Subscribe to any one of these VPNs by clicking the specific links: click here for IPVanish VPN, click here Nord VPN, click here for Express VPN. (Having confusion on which one to choose – details given in below sections).
  • Close the SonyLiv App or the browser you were using.
  • Open the VPN you subscribed to and change the server location to India.
  • Connect the VPN and wait for the connection to be successful.
  • Check the connected VPN with YouTube if normal streaming is ok.
  • Once YouTube is running smoothly, open the SonyLiv App or URL.
  • It should be working, if not, close the app (not minimize in the background). If you are using a web browser like Chrome, clear the history and cache and retry it.

If you are a regular internet user and having prior experience with VPNs, then you should be able to stream SONYLIV from the USA by now. However, if you are still trouble streaming continue reading.

Why you can’t stream SonyLiv outside the official service area?

As of now, SonyLiv is officially available in India, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand. As of now, Sony Liv is not available in the United States and Canada. All other areas are not covered and due to copyright reasons, SonyLiv can not offer streaming services. As you can see in the list, most of the areas have a very large Indian population. When you open the SonyLiv app, Sony tracts your location by using your IP. This way, it can check if you are from the official regions. If you are from the official regions, it will allow you to stream their service. If you are not, then you will receive an error message saying – service not available in your geography.

How VPNs are able to bypass the service restrictions outside the official locations for streaming SonyLiv?

VPN is the short form of Virtual Private Network. Without digging too much, VPN tricks the web servers as if you are surfing from a location that is different from your actual location. For example, you to change the server location to India, it tells SonyLiv that you are someone browsing from India. This way, the SonyLiv server thinks you are streaming from India but actually you are browsing from the USA. First, the server in India will gather and send it to you in the USA.

Why is a free VPN useless for streaming SonyLiv from the USA?

VPN is not always about tricking your server location to a web server. It is much more than that. VPN offers anonymity, free from censorship, unblocking streaming services, data privacy, etc. A premium VPN provider always tries to protect and provide services as much as they can. This is possible because they are charging from you and in return they provide the service.

However, for a free VPN, they have to make money in some way or form. In the past, there were many cases where VPN service providers sold your data to advertisers and advertisers send you ads without your consent. Also, free VPNs are slow as tortoise. It is near to impossible for you to experience a non-stop streaming. A buffering is near guarantee if you are using a free VPN. Hence, always choose a premium VPN.

How to know which VPN is the best for streaming SONYLIV from the USA?

The most important factor while choosing a VPN for streaming SonyLiv from the USA is the availability of at least one server from India. The Nord VPN has more than 30 servers in India. IPVanish VPN has 3 servers in India and Express VPN has two servers in India. If you are using any other premium VPN, then make sure it has at least more than 2 servers in India. This is just to make sure when one server is down, there will be at least one server still available.

NordVPN servers in India

However, you can choose VPNs with server locations in those countries where the SonyLiv service is available which are given above. Solely because of the flexibility NordVPN offers, I will personally prefer NordVPN and next is IPvanish VPN. Click the respective links below to sign up.

Follow the link above, there will be a minimum of 65% OFF for my readers. I have a tip for you all. All the VPNs mentioned above have a clear 30 days money-back guarantee. So, you can buy any VPN and try it out if it is really working for you. If not request a refund within 30 days. This way, you will not be wasting any money.

Nord VPN Vs IPVanish VPN Vs Express VPN for streaming SonyLiv in the USA

FeaturesNord VPNIPVanish VPNExpress VPN
SonyLiv StreamingYesYesYes
P2P YesYesYes
No-log connectionYesYesYes
No. of India servers30+32
Pricing$89/year (2yrs deal)$49.99/year$99.95/15months
Maximum device limit6 devicesUnlimited5 devices.
iOS, Android, FirestickYesYesYes
Chrome, Firefox extensionYesYesYes
Block ads and malwareYesNoNo
Buy Now LinkBUY NowBUY NowBUY Now

Are Nord VPN, IPvanish VPN, Express VPN available for firestick?

Yes. Apps for all three VPNs are available for amazon firestick.

How to download Amazon Firestick SonyLiv App in the USA?

To download Amazon firestick in USA, first, you must connect your VPN to an Indian server. After that, you must create an Amazon India account. For this you will need an India number. You can contact any of your friends about this. Using the Amazon India account you can download Amazon Firestick SonyLiv App in the USA.

How to download SonyLiv App for iOS and Android in USA?

To download the SonyLiv app for both iOS and Android in the USA, first, you must change your billing address in your apple account or playstore account to any India address. After that connect to VPN with Indian server. Now go to the playstore and download the app.

What other streaming services can VPN unblock?

Any premium VPN like the IPVanish VPN, Nord VPN or Express VPN can unblock major streaming services like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC player, BeingSports, etc.

What is the SonyLiv Pricing?

SonyLiv provides three premium plans. The most expensive plan is Rs. 999 per year followed by LIV Special+ with Rs. 399 per 12 months. The Last and cheapest plan is WWE Network with Rs. 299 per 12 months. In the LIV Premium plan, you will get everything Sony offers like live sports, the latest international shows, no ads, download all the episodes. The LIV Speical+ offers everything except sports. The WWE Network is specific to WWE. If you choose the LIV Premium for 6 months, it will be Rs. 699 and Rs. 299 if you choose monthly billing. Click here to choose your favorite plan for SonyLiv.

SonLiv Premium Plans and Pricing
SonLiv Premium Plans and Pricing


In short, you need to have a premium VPN connected to an India server to stream SonyLiv from the USA. Secondly, never use a free VPN as it is very slow for streaming and most likely to sell your data. Thirdly, check the pricing and subscribe to your favorite plan. I hope this post helped you in solving the problem of streaming SonyLiv from the USA or outside of the official serviceable countries.

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