How to get cashback for paying credit card bills?

How do you get cashback from a credit card bill payment?

Trying to get some extra juicy cashback while paying your credit card bill is one of the most popular ideas you think of. You can get some extra cashback while paying your credit cards from popular banks like SBI, Axis Bank, ICICI, HDFC bank, etc. Credit card bill payment cashback offers Paytm, Amazon Pay, CRED are the most popular choice of many users. Read more to get up to an extra Rs. 1000 by signing up on CRED.

How do you get cashback from a credit card bill payment?

You can get cashback from paying your credit card payment using popular credit card payment apps and services like CRED, Amazon Pay, PayTm, etc. just like you get juicy cashback for using Google Pay. We will discuss each method in detail in this article including advantages, disadvantages, how to avail maximum offers, etc.

Get cashback for paying your credit card bills in CRED

CRED is a popular mobile app like Google Pay where you can pay your credit card bill by UPI, internet banking, or using your debit card details and by doing so, you can scratch cards and CRED coins where you can get direct cashbacks to your credit card. For me, personally, this is my favorite method because besides cashback it offers other interesting services like the coupons for shopping sites, lottery, and jackpots, paying the rent with cashback, etc.

How to join CRED App?

However, to join CRED you need to have a good credit score which means if you are a new credit card user or someone having a bad credit history, you will be denied from joining the app. So, how do you join CRED if you are new? You can join CRED by waiting for a few months and pay your bills using other services, build your credit score. Once you have a good credit score, then you can join CRED.

If you already have a good credit history, click here to sign up for CRED. Enter your basic details like PAN Card, name, DOB, etc. It will check your credit score and depending on the score, it will decide if you can or can not join CRED. Once you join it, all the credit cards associated with the phone number used during sign-up will show and you need to enter details like parts of your card number, CVV, etc. to verify and activate the card.

Once the card is activated, the CRED app will automatically show your card bills and the latest due date. Once you make your monthly payment, you will receive scratch codes just like in Google Pay. Open the scratch code and you will win a little cashback. This way you will get cashback from paying a credit card bill payment.

CRED App – get cashback for paying your credit card bills.

Till now I have won more than Rs. 100 in more than 3 months. This is including all my cards so, if you have only one credit card then you may get less amount of cashback because CRED allows only one scratch code per month per card per one bill payment above Rs. 999. Apart from the scratch codes, you will also get CRED coins for the exact amount you paid which can be used to redeem points and buy extra coupons for other shopping sites. For more details, I have written a very detailed review of CRED including its disadvantages and other extra features. Check out the review by following the link below or by clicking here.

Requirements for joining CRED

CRED doesn’t allow anyone to join their platform. You need to have an average credit score to join CRED. If you don’t know what is your credit score, you can go to Paisabazaar or BankBazaar to know. Also, CRED will automatically check your credit score and will tell you if you are eligible to join along with your credit score. Click on the links below to check your credit score for free.

Check your credit score for free with BankBazaar by clicking here or from PaisaBazaar by clicking here.

Credit card Bill payment offers PhonePe

Just like CRED, PhonePe also offers coupons and scratch cards when you pay your Credit Card bills. It is as simple as paying or sending money to your friends. First, you have to download and activate the PhonePe App from the respective App store. Once done, press the credit card button on the “Recharge and Pay Bills” section.

After that, you need to enter your credit card details. Once completed, you can pay your credit card in the next step without any fees.

Next you need to enter the amount you want to pay. It may be minimum pay or full amount or any amount you want to pay. Next you have to choose your payment method and proceed to pay just like any other payment.

For paying your credit card bills using PhonePe, you will receive scratch codes just like you get scratch cards in Google Pay. Scratch that card and you will receive cashbacks for paying your credit card bill payment using PhonePe app.

Credit card bill payment offers Amazon Pay

Another way to get cashback for paying credit card payment is by using the Amazon Pay Bill Payment service. Head on to bill payment section of Amazon Pay and enter your card details just like you did with the PhonePe App. Just like PhonePe, you will be asked to enter the amount you wish to pay. And you can proceed with the payment just like any other payments.

Get cashback from credit card bill payment using Amazon Pay.

Paytm credit card payment

You must be familiar with Paytm as it is a very popular recharge and bill payment app in India. Just like the two other apps mentioned above, all you need to do is enter your card details, choose the amount you want to pay, and complete the payment. Here also, you will get coupons and scratch cards. If you are using a credit card from SBI, I highly recommend using any of the above apps as SBI rarely offers anything for paying credit card bills on its website. SBI Credit Card Bill Payment offers are a very rare thing to get from SBI. However, if you are using CRED, PhonePe, Paytm, you can win some cash back. These apps are better than any of the bank’s own payment methods.

Get cashback from MobiKwik for credit card bill payment

Mobikwik is another online payment service just like Paytm. It offers all kinds of services like recharge, shopping, bill payment, etc. It also offers a credit card bill payment facility for almost all major credit cards from most of the banks with many cashback offers in terms of real money and MobiKwik wallet money. Currently, it is running an offer of Rs. 2oo supercash (MobiKwik Wallet money). Check out the link below to avail of the offer. If the current cashback offer is expired, the link will show the latest offers.

Get cashback offer from ICICI bank

Many banks offer cashback for paying your credit card bill payment on their own platform. ICICI always has some offers like coupons, reward points whenever you pay your credit card bill payment. You should log in to your internet banking account or in the iMobile Pay App and go to the bill payments section and select credit cards. Enter your credit card number and complete the payment. Click here to know more about credit card bill payment cashback offers from ICICI bank.

Get cashback offer from HDFC bank

Similar to ICICI bank, HDFC also offers assured cashbacks for paying credit card bills. Click here to learn more about cashback offers for credit card bill payment from HDFC Bank.

What is the best way to pay credit card bill?

If you don’t want any cashback or don’t want to do any work, the best way to pay credit card bill is to enable auto payment in the respective app or internet banking of the card’s bank. This option is available for all the major banks like SBI, Axis, ICICI, HDFC bank, etc. By enabling auto payment, you will never miss your due date and hence you will escape from extra fees and it will improve your credit score as you will be paying it on time. Set the auto debit amount to full due amount. However, make sure you have enough balance on the account before the due date. If your bank fails for auto debit, then extra charges will be levied from your account.

If you want some cashback offers and reward points, the best to pay credit card bill is by using card bill payment bills like CRED, PhonePe, Paytm, etc.

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How do you get cashback from a credit card bill payment?

In summary, you can get cashback from a credit card bill payment by using card payment apps like CRED, PhonePe, Paytm, etc. My personal favorite is CRED App. Comment down below with your favorite app in the comment section If you think, I have missed something in the list, contact me or comment down below.

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