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IbVPN Review – best valued diversity VPN

IbVPN Review – best valued diversity VPN. Ib VPN is one of the best priced VPN with a lot to choose price and plans. ThemReview brings IbVPN review. We will discuss one by one each factors to consider IbVPN as one of the best VPNs in the market.


IbVPN Review – best valued diversity VPN:

IbVPN is one of the lowest priced major VPN provider in the market. In fact. it provides many plans for different users. As a part of IbVPN review, let us see its major features some of which stand out of the cloud among other VPN players.

IbVPN Review – features:

IbVPN Review features – No log:

ib vpn review features

IbVPN does not keep no log of your browsing, streaming or anything. But your connection log are kept for 10 days. All your financial details and other credentials are kept in their secured servers. This is not in case for bitcoin users where there is not information for users with bitcoin payment.


IbVPN review feature – Encryption:

ib vpn review feature encryption

IbVPN uses its own encryption technology Blowfish algorithm with 256 bit keys which keeps all your user and browsing details safe. 256 bit keys are more powerful than the 128 bit keys which most major banks used. To to be clear, all your details are protected even while browsing. This is used not only on storing your payment data but also while you are using IbVPN and doing some transactions, streaming etc.


IbVPN review feature – Compatability:


ib vpn review feature compatability

Using IbVPN, you don’t need to worry what if IbVPN doesn’t support in your device or OS? IbVPN supports almost all major OS and devices you can think of. It supports Windows, Mac OS, Android TV, iOS, Xbox, Linux, Roku streaming player, Playstation etc.

Each has its own software and sets of features. But some may not be available according to your plan. Keep on reading for more details about price and plans.

IbVPN review feature: Auto Reconnect:

ib vpn review feature auto reconnect

This feature is one of the two fail safe tools you can employ while using IbVPN. In fact there is great chance that your connection got disconnected and all your data are exposed. As a matter of fact, IbVPN offers auto reconnect, by enabling this feature, IBVPN will reconnect automatically if there is an automatic disconnection.


IbVPN review feature: Kill switch:

ib vpn review feature kill switch


In addition to above feature, kill switch is another safe feature. Furthermore, it allows you to immediately terminate and close all your activities, hence all your online activity is safe. As a result you are not exposed even if IbVPN disconnect due to some problems, additionally, it can be used to protect your privacy in case someone enters your room or evades your privacy.


IbVPN review feature: Protocols:

ib vpn review feature protocols

IbVPN provides many protocols you can connect to its VPN servers. First of all, all VPN clients use different protocols to connect. In fact, IbVPN provides almost all the protocols such as, Open VPN, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IPSec/IKEv2. Another protocol is the SSTP which is most widely used in highly censor countries like, Iran, China, Middle East where your personal protection is a must.

As a result you can choose out of many to connect to IbVPN. Open VPN is the most popular and fastest protocol to use. In addition, PPTP and L2TP are more secure but a bit slower protocol to use. Finally, IPSec or IKEv2 is the most secure protocol among VPN connecting protocols.


IbVPN review: Servers

ib vpn review servers

First of all, IbVPN has more than 100 servers located more than 43 countries around the world. Seems like almost all major countries have its server located there. Some of the countries are, US, UK, Canada, India, Finland, Portugal, Egypt, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Israel, Singapore, Japan etc. to name a few. More server located near to you means more faster connection, hence, less latency or ping.


IbVPN review: dns locations


ib vpn review dns locations

In addition to its regular VPN connection protocols, IbVPN also offers DNS server and channels. In fact, DNS prevents from all protocols and just rely on its DNS settings. As a result, it has more faster internet connection than the normal VPN connection. But, it does have less security and more vulnerable to attacks.

IbVPN has more than 100 servers spread across 43 countries. US, UK, India, Brazil, Romania, Spain are few countries to name.


IbVPN review: Proxy servers


ib vpn review proxy servers

IbVPN has thousands of proxies among the countries listed above. Proxy are another less complex, simple way to browse web anonymously without setting up any clients.


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IbVPN Review: Plans & Pricing

ib vpn review price and plans


IbVPN offers a whole range of plans to choose from which fits you best. All the details are given in the above image. There are five plans to choose from besides the free plan. As a matter of fact, we will discuss only two of them. It is because, other are not necessary or you can get the idea from other plans as well.

The free plans offer you free unlimited IbVPN for one year when you share it on your facebook or tweet in your twitter. The bandwidth is unlimited but it has limited features and limited speed. In fact it only supports on either windows or Mac OS. Additionally there is no support for proxy, torrent, choose of server, or smart DNS etc.

You should choose between Ultimate VPN or Torrent VPN plan. Because all others are either not necessary or it is more than you need. If you are not using torrent than Standard VPN plan is the best.

IbVPN review: Ultimate Plan

The IbVPN ultimate VPN plan supports smart DNS, proxy support. Additionally it has dynamic IP support along with all the VPN protocols we have discussed above. Furthermore, torrent or P2P traffic are allowed in this plan. All devices mentioned above are also supported in this plan. The price of  Ultimate plan is $4.84/month billed yearly. You can connect three devices simultaneously at the same time.

The IbVPN standard Plan has all the features of Ultimate Plan except the chrome extension, proxy, torrent and Smart DNS. Only one device is allowed to connect a time. The price is $1.54/month billed yearly. This is a great deal for you to buy now if you don’t need to use torrent.

If you are using VPN for torrent then subscribe to Torrent plan. Addition to standard features, torrent plan has torrent and p2p traffic.


IbVPN review: Software

ibvpn review client ibvpn review client


IbVPN has simple, yet fast interface and design. It is very simple and easy to navigate to settings, general, help, about etc. But, it’s design is old fashion & it needs improvement in terms of design and user interface.

Regardless, you can enter your log in details, choose your protocol, server location etc, and connect to VPN server.

IbVPN review: Speed

ibvpn review speed test

IbVPN connection has fast speed overall. In fact, the results are satisfactory. We were able to stream, watch movies online. But when you use torrent to download something, then, speed comes down and connection disturbs other applications. Moreover, you can no longer watch or stream movies online.

IbVPN review 2016: Reliability

IbVPN has established its name as major VPN provider among top VPN players in the world in 2016. It is reliable, yet, secure to use. You can expect server in your country or least a country bordering your country. Additionally, IbVPN has full money back guarantee of 15 days on any plan.

IbVPN review: Support

IbVPN has wide content of FAQ, knowledge base questions. You will receive a reply within one business working day.

IbVPN review: Pros

  • Cheap standard plan.
  • Free one year unlimited VPN just for sharing or a tweet.
  • Free six hour free trial on any plan.
  • Support of torrent.
  • Smart DNS
  • Secure Proxies.
  • Bitcoin payment support.
  • Fast speed and easy connection.

IbVPN review: Cons

  • Too many plans confusing users.
  • Slightly higher price for torrent plan.
  • Only six hour trial(At least one day would be great)
  • Bandwidth throttle during torrent usage.
  • Only 3 device simultaneously even in ultimate plan.
  • Limitation of protocols among different plans.

IbVPN Review: Consclusion

Overall Ib VPN is a great VPN service with amazing speed. If you are a power user, subscribe to the ultimate plan. If you are a torrent user, use the torrent plan. But, if you are a casual user who only cares about your privacy the subscribe the standard plan. We would suggest the Standard Plan as it is the cheapest and it currently running offer at ony $1.58/month billed yearly. Click on the link below to buy now.

Like share comment below with your reviews of IbVPN. What make you like it or hate it. We will discuss it. Do not forget to participate on our monthly VPN Giveaway.

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