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Avast Cleanup Review – 25% OFF Coupon Offer

Avast Cleanup Review – 25% OFF Coupon Offer. Download the new product Avast Cleanup. Keep your PC, Laptop, Mac, Mobile clean and fast using Avast Cleanup. We will also give you 25% OFF coupon only for our readers so keep reading.

Avast Cleanup Review:

Avast Cleanup is the newest product from Avast which is famous for its Avast antivirus. Basically, Avast cleanup optimize, deletes your junk files from the system and makes your system faster. Additionally, Avast cleanup can delete cookies which are used for advertising and tracking purposes. You can download the Avast Cleanup for trial version or buy directly. We will discuss all of them one by one.

Avast Cleanup Review – features:

In this section we will see most of Avast Cleanup features and what stands above other similar software.

Avast Cleanup review – clean:

avast cleanup review feature clean

Avast cleanup will delete and clean your system from the left over files, residual files, temporary download files and other unused spaces, thus, freeing up extra space. It will also will ask you to delete advertising cookies and other website cookies which are used to serve you better ads or store some data on your browser.

Cleaning cookies has both advantages and disadvantages. First of all, some sites solely use cookies to better serve your browsing experience based on your recent browsing behavior, interaction with the site etc. So, if you delete these cookies, your nature of browsing reset automatically. This will lead to bad experience for you. For example, when you are browsing the news and your main interest is sports news, if your cookie is deleted, then you may find a lot of news regarding travel, world politics etc.

On the other hand, most cookies tend to store your browsing nature mainly to serve ads which is best for you. In this case, cookies only cause lag in your system. In this case, there is nothing wrong to delete the cookies.

Avast Cleanup review – optimize:

avast cleanup review feature optimize

You can optimize your start up apps, risky apps and other registry errors using Avast cleanup. Start up apps and softare slow down your system considerably. Naturally, disabling such apps will optimize your system, making it run faster.

avast cleanup review optimize


Avast Cleanup Review – Schedule:

avast cleanup review feature schedule

All the task mentioned above, you can schedule all of it automatically and hence you do not need to check once you enable it.

avast cleanup review schedule


Avast Cleanup Review – Free Vs Paid Version:

avast cleanup review free vs paid version

First, you may be wondering why should I buy the premium version while there is also a trial free version. Well, the answer is easy. You can have a look at the difference between the Avast cleanup free trial and premium paid versions above.

You can delete residual files, clean your browser extensions, delete website cookies for free forever. But, there are some great features which is available only in premium paid versions.

You can not disable potentially dangerous apps and software after the free trial expire. In addition to this, you can not schedule your task, you have to do all manually. Further you can not delete registry errors also. This is very important if you want your system fast.

All your preference will be reset after the free trial and you will need to buy it. It is free only for the 15 days after that automatic searching of the junk files will stop.

Avast Cleanup Review – Why you should upgrade to premium?

You may thinking is Avast cleanup worth it? The answer is YES!! First of all it is very cheap for the premium version. It costs only $14.99 for one PC for one year and $20 for 3 PC for one year. Given the advantages there is not doubt if you should upgrade to the premium version.

Secondly, you don’t need to check again and again to delete unwanted files. If you upgrade to premium version, Avast cleanup will do the job for you automatically.

Moreover, deleting the unused registry files makes your PC faster.

Again, setting your auto start apps and software to a minimum is a must if you want your system very fast.

Did you know that you can start up your system 10 seconds faster if you optimize all your auto start and start up apps?

Avast cleanup will protect you from unwanted and malware browser extensions in case you downloaded from internet. Nowadays there are millions of such browser extensions advertising in internet.

Comparing these you must not stop spending another $14.99 which is just more than $1 per month. In fact it is only the price of a coffee.

We are giving 25% discount on Avast cleanup only for our readers and users. There is no need to enter any coupon code. All you have to do is follow the link below.


The offer is valid only when you click on the link above and buy in that session. Do not waste your time. Upgrade to premium and get the best of your PC and android devices.

Avast Cleanup Review for Android:

Just like other apps, Avast cleanup and boost for android frees up your RAM, Memory, and CPU. It will delete unfinished downloads, temporary images of apps, advertising links stored in your memory.

Avast cleanup and boost closes background apps thus making your Android phone more faster.

One feature we like most is the cloud backup. Your photos, videos are stored in the cloud using google drive, dropbox etc. This will allow you to delete those photos at the same time you can access them through cloud at any time.

Avast Cleanup Review – Alternative:

Yes avast cleanup is very good with the services it is providing. We will list only one alternative to avast cleanup because this one is the best.

CCleaner. I think most of you have heard the name ccleaner. This is one of the best software for making your system more faster and deleting unwanted files. In fact some paid features of Avast cleanup can be done on CCleaner for free.

Avast Cleanup Free Download:

Avast cleanup can be downloaded for free from its official website. Click on the link below to download Avast cleanup for free. You can still buy it with 25% OFF.
Click here to download avast cleanup for free


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