SaferWeb VPN Review 2016 - One safe private web

SaferWeb VPN Review 2016 – One safe private web

SaferWeb VPN Review 2016, let us take another VPN review, “SaferWeb VPN” and how it is making more safe and how can you use it to make more safe. Safer Web VPN is owned by Pseudio which also operates total VPN, Incgonito VPN etc. It has an overall good image in the VPN service providers.

SaferWeb VPN Review 2016:

Safer Web VPN, just like any other VPN allows you to connect, browse the web anonymously with encryption. We can not find any special feature which distinguished Safer Web VPN from other VPNs. However below are some main features from the Safer Web VPN Review:

  • Stay protected on every device: Saferweb VPN supports almost all major devices such as Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Xbox,PlayStation, Apple TV, Chromebook, Amazon Fire, Google Nexus, Surface, Blackberry etc.
  • Protect your private information: Safer Web will encrypt your data and will be safe on the go against hackers and other malware while connected to it.
  • Unblock your favorite site such as facebook, game servers, hulu etc.
  • Unrestricted Data: premium plans don’t cap your data usage.

  • Unlimited bandwidth: There is no limitation on bandwidth too in any of the plans.
  • Zero tracking: Safer Web VPN never tracks your online records and history.
  • Encrypted and secure: It supports major protocols such as the PPTP. L2TP, IKEv2 etc.

safer web vpn review - features

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It’s feature does not stop here we will discuss them below in details:

Safer Web VPN Review 2016 – Software: 

The safer web VPN supports more than 15+ platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Xbox,PlayStation, Apple TV, Chromebook, Amazon Fire, Google Nexus, Surface, Blackberry etc. This means you can use safer web VPN on almost any device you own.

safer web VPN review - software

The software is simple to navigate and choose servers in the dashboard. You can click on any of them to change the server location according to your wish. The software is light and does not cause any overuse of system resources.

safer web vpn review software
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Safer Web VPN Review – 30+ server location worldwide:

Safer Web VPN has its server located spreading across all continents except Antarctica (Of course). The 30+ servers are located in USA, EUROPE, India, South Africa, Australia, China, Singapore, Japan etc. This high number of server allows you to choose from the fastest yet least resource used servers at your choice.

safer web vpn review server locations


SaferWeb VPN Review 2016 – Plans & pricing:

One feature we loved in the Safer Web VPN Review is the simple and easy plans and pricing. Safer Web VPN offer only two plan types which are super premium and premium. There are two differences between the two plans. The super premium plan will allow you do connect from 3 devices from 30+ locations while the premium plan will allow you to connect only from one device and from 7 locations only. We suggest you to buy the premium plan as it supports all protocols and security features. Both plans has unlimited bandwidth and data transfer.

safer web vpn review - plans & pricing

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NOTE: There is a 30 day money back guarantee for all plans.

Safer Web VPN review 2016 – Why Safer Web VPN?

safer web vpn review why safer web vpn

SaferWeb VPN Review 2016 – Support:

safer web vpn review support

There is enough knowledge base Q&A section and you can always open a support ticket. You can expect a good reply in case of billing related issues and a more late reply for other issues.

SaferWeb VPN Review – Service & Reliability:

Connecting to Safer Web is very easy and quick. There is no difficulty in connecting Safer Web VPN. The speed is fast but not the fastest. You can bear the pain if you are accessing the blocked sites.

You can connect from any devices without any interruptions while it is connected from another device. You can select on which protocol should the VPN connect. You can choose PPTP if you want a faster connection or open VPN for fastest yet most secured connection.

You will find automatically disconnecting the VPN during the day and it is quite annoying. This has happened in other VPNs also.

This happens mainly when you use heavy bandwidth consuming sites like downloading files, streaming sites or torrent downloads etc.

You will find it disturbing for the fact that your VPN needs to check if it is disconnected.

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Pros of Safer Web VPN:

  • Simple plans and pricing (Only two).
  • Cheap price.
  • Known company.
  • Easy software.
  • Most OS supported.

Cons of Safer Web VPN:

  • Automatic disconnect.
  • Only 1 device support in premium plan.
  • Only 7 locations for premium plan.

Its up to you to decide if you should buy or not but we recommend you to try at least. Remember that at the same price you may get more features from our VPN review. Click on the link below to check other VPN reviews.

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