Pictory AI Review

Pictory AI Review – Best YouTube Automation Or Just Another one?

Pictory AI is all in one tool to auto-generate videos, voice-overs, background music, copyright-free videos, photos, etc., without technical knowledge. Pictory AI is best suited for anyone looking for an easy way to make videos for YouTube Automation channels. Pictory.ai also lets you choose your image, video, and voiceover, just like all other video editing tools. Read till the end to get exciting offers from Pictory.ai

Pictory ai review

If you are reading this post, it means you are looking for the best YouTube Automation software tools to make YouTube videos, preferably without showing your face and with free stock photos and videos. Pictory.ai is arguably one of the best tools to let you do all the above. In this post, we will do a deep dive Pictory ai review so that you will have the best and all the information before buying it.

I tried Pictory.ai to create some videos; it felt really good and faced no problems. Before going any further, let me say that Pictory AI is one of the best online video editing tools that I have ever used. The UI is simple, it will generate a video based on a website link or script with background music and free voiceovers. You can change every bit of the generated video before making it final, be it text, photo, audio, or video roll. style. intro and outro.

All of these are without any lag in the web dashboard. The rendering was fast too. It was just like rendering in a fast computer setup. This setup is best for anyone looking for a computer voiceover in certain niches where you don’t need to show your face or have your own videos. The AI will handle all.

What does Pictory do?

Pictory is the Worlds Best-Loved Online AI Video Editor, as claimed by Pictory. It has all the features you need in a video editor but much more with AI. Check out the features of Pictory AI below:


Pictory AI review - script to video

Incredibly quick video generation.
With Pictory’s exclusive ReelFast technology, which was designed from the ground up to operate at breakneck speed, you can turn your screenplays into breath-taking videos in minutes as opposed to hours.
The AI Assistant.
Strong A.I. from Pictory conducts the labor-intensive task for you. Without any prior technical expertise or video production experience, make your first video in about ten minutes.
MASSIVE Media Library
Automatic selection from more than 3 million video clips, photos, and 15,000 songs from Melod and StoryBlocks, two leading music providers i.e., everything is perpetually royalty-free. Therefore, you’ll never face a copyright claim.

Talking Text.
You can record your own voice directly in the app, upload a voiceover that has already been recorded, or choose one of our astonishingly lifelike A.I. voices and let Pictory speak for you.

Mac and PC compatible.

Since Pictory works in the cloud, there is no need to download and install any software, and your computer will run more quickly!


pictory review - blog to video

Increase Engagement, breathe life into your site, and instantly transform your content into jaw-dropping videos. Industry-leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) completes the task for you quickly and easily; no prior knowledge of video editing or technical expertise is necessary.

Amazing calibre. You can make stunning, professional-quality videos with auto-selection from more than 3 million video clips, photos, and 15,000 music tracks from industry giants StoryBlocks and Melod. i.e., royalty-free for all time.

Include speech Use your own voice to narrate your video, or choose from one of our lifelike A.I. voices to do it for you. Works On Any Computer: Because Pictory is cloud-based and compatible with both Mac and PC computers, it won’t cause your computer to run more slowly.


The best tool for webinar videos, demo videos, e-learning and training videos, video podcasts, and Zoom recordings, Simple To Use lets you edit any video using text as simple as a Word document.

Famously Fast, even lengthy videos can be produced in a matter of minutes; no more waiting.
Powerful AI produces professional results by effortlessly removing unnecessary words and pauses.
Expand Your Audience by automatically adding captions so that people can watch your videos at work or in noisy settings. Create Your Brand by including your logo, colors, and fonts, as well as a unique opening and outro.


Short highlight movies are automatically produced by Get Your Message Out so you can display them to potential customers and clients. Increase Engagement: Studies have shown that viewers are more engaged when watching shorter video snippets.

Webinar attendance will soar as a result of automatically generated, brief trailer videos published on sales pages and social media, which will increase reservations and show-up rates. Sell more, let potential customers see what’s behind the paywall, and watch your sales soar!

Be seen everywhere using Publish To Socials, which is social media compatible. Highlight videos from Pictory are ideal for posting to Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.


Pictory IA review -automatically camption your videos

Increase your audience because 85% of social media videos are watched silently. Captions draw more viewers and significantly lengthen viewers’ attention spans. Increase accessibility; captions enable those who are deaf or hard of hearing to watch your videos while at work or in noisy surroundings, expanding your audience.

YouTube and Google love videos with captions, so your videos are more likely to be found by new audiences. Improve Your SEO and Rankings. Save time and money by using Pictory’s auto-captions, which are free with your subscription and ready in a matter of minutes.

This eliminates the need to spend hours manually producing captions or a significant sum of money hiring caption writers. Incredible Accuracy: Pictory creates captions with the highest level of clarity using newly created cutting-edge AI.


Pictory review - highlight long videos

Grab Attention, Advanced AI makes brief excerpts from lengthy videos that highlight your main points to quickly capture the interest of your viewers. Intriguing short videos increase opt-in rates and engagement by encouraging viewers to stay on your website longer.

When you repurpose content, hour-long seminars magically shrink down to 3-minute bite-sized chunks that you can easily share. Auto Subtitles automatically insert captions into videos and reach people at work or in noisy surroundings. No software needs to be downloaded; it works quickly and simply and won’t slow down your machine. It operates in the cloud on any computer, Mac or PC.

Who should use Pictory – Pictory AI Review

Not only the YouTube creators, Pictory is specially tailored for many other users.


  • Create videos that convert effortlessly, fast, and affordable.
  • Quick and simple, no software is needed to make branded videos.
  • Make Videos From Scripts, narrate them yourself, or select one of our incredibly lifelike AI voices.
  • Stop looking for stock footage; instead, have over 3 million royalty-free clips and images, together with more than 15,000 audio files, automatically selected for you.
  • Talking Head Video Editing Using smooth jump cuts and AI, eliminate unnecessary words and pauses.
  • To broaden your audience and boost sales, add captions that automatically add subtitles.
  • With Pictory’s cutting-edge A.I., video marketing is painless, giving you more time to focus on your campaigns.

Social Media Managers

  • AI creates snippets of webinars, Zoom recordings, and podcasts to create highly shareable short clips from longer videos.
  • Create videos that are compatible with all social media sites in a matter of minutes, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more.
  • No complicated software to learn, our AI takes care of the tedious work for you.
  • Create Videos From Text, convert scripts and blog entries into videos with a single mouse click, and choose from more than 3 million media and music clips automatically.
  • Create Videos Save time and money on outsourcing by using Text to cut out filler words and silences, add personalised branding and subtitles, and take back your day. Pictory uses ground-breaking AI to take the tedious effort out of producing videos.


Agencies Boost Profits With Pictory One-Stop Shop, everything you need to create outstanding movies in one place, save time and money. Pictory AI can drastically reduce costs and boost productivity right away. Use AI to quickly alter old videos or create new client films from the text will make agencies save a lot time.

Simply stored in the cloud requires no complex software, just point and click. Our auto-caption technology lets you add captions and raise reach and conversion rates. Make client videos stand out in the viewer’s mind by adding branded intros, outros, and watermarks.

You can make spectacular creative movies using Pictory’s AI and library of over 3 million video clips, photos, and music tracks to satisfy clients in any market.


Pictory AI review - from your blog post to video

Course creators

Create courses using Pictory AI

Make Pictory your virtual assistant

Pictory ai - your new AI assistant

Pictory for YouTube creators

You can utilize Pictory to Expand Your YouTube Channel. It is perfect for both novice and experienced channel owners. Create faceless videos from word or quickly modify videos with text with the best video creator.

Choose Your Voice, upload a voiceover, or use one of our lifelike AI voices to speak for you. There are 3M+ royalty-free movies, photos, and music files in a large media library. Simple, effective AI accomplishes the labor-intensive work for you. Pictory uses AI to help you quickly, easily, and affordably create videos for your YouTube channel. Improve Your ranks and automatically add subtitles to increase your SEO.

I believe that Pictory will save a lot of time searching for photo and video-rolls. You can avail this with a very cheap price.

Vidnami Alternative – Pictory

Pictory AI is the best Vidnami alternative. After being purchased by GoDaddy in 2021, Vidnami was quickly shut down, leaving thousands of users stranded and without a suitable replacement—until now.

Pictory is a better Vidnami version for Today’s Demanding Users. Turn your scripts or blog posts into films, add your own voice, or select one of our realistic AI voices to create stunning branded videos from the text in just minutes.

Pictory’s automatic captioning service saves you time and money by seamlessly creating captions for your videos and automatically transcribing them. Pictory’s Intelligent Clip Selection feature automatically chooses video clips and songs from its collection of more than 3 million royalty-free assets after “reading” your text.

Make It Your Own by adding your logo, a personalized intro, and outro, picking colors and fonts, and adding your own clips, images, and music to give your film a unique look. Pictory automatically integrates your text, clips, voice track, and music; no video editing is required. No prior knowledge of technology or video editing is required. With one cheap subscription fee, Pictory offers everything Vidnami offers PLUS a whole lot more!

Pictory AI pricing

Pictory pricing starts at $19 per month and $40 per month. There is another option where you can contact them and ask for a custom rate if you are working on a large scale. For most of us, the $19 and $40 will be sufficient. The $40 one is the most popular one because it offers longer content, 60 videos per month 20 hrs of video transcription/mo Text-to-video projects of up to 20 min in length 10 Branded Templates you can customize and save 3 hr video length per upload 16:9, 1:1 or 9:16 on text-to-video 720p or 1080p (HD) video 15,000 music tracks 42 text-to-speech AI voices Automatic voice-over synchronization Branded intro & outro Automatic video highlights Hootsuite integration Bulk download of videos to CSV

Pictory ai review: pricing

Pictory is offering 40% OFF on all yearly plans so, click the link below to get it.

Click here to sign up to Pictory.ai and get 40% FLAT OFF on all yearly plans.

There are 15 days no questions asked money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the service, you can cancel it. A free trial option is available to test out all the features. There is a watermark in the extracted video if you are using a free trial account. After you are satisfied, you can upgrade to the premium service anytime.

Creating videos with Pictory AI

As a part of this Pictory AI review, I created a video called Pictory AI review completely and only using Pictory free version. You can check it out by watching the video below:

Pictory Review – Should you buy?

If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use video editor with preloaded copyright-free photos, videos, and robot voice. You can also use your own voice, and you have your own photos and videos, it is a perfect choice. In Pictory, you can use their music, your music, your photo, their photo, your video, their video, your own voiceover, their voiceover. Everything is there in a single service.

This prevents you from subscribing to multiple services, which will reduce the cost. Moreover, it is very easy and light to use in a web browser. You should definitely use the service if you are looking for such kind of service.

Click here to sign up to Pictory.ai and get 40% FLAT OFF on all yearly plans.

Check out VidToon video editor below:

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