HP Spectre x360 review

HP Spectre x360 review & Quick 101

HP Spectre x360 review has unique aspects. Keep reading for more about the HP Spectre X360. It is one of the best mid range laptop to choose.

HP Spectre x360 review:

Things You Need To Know About The HP Spectre x360

Buying a laptop is like shopping for a brand new pair of sneakers – you need to consider a lot of things before you decide on whether or not to make the purchase. By “a lot of things” we mean style, functionality, quality, suitability and price. The same conditions apply when choosing the laptop that’s right for you.

With the vast number of laptop brands available in the market nowadays, the process of choosing what will work for your needs and budget has become a bit more complicated than it used to be. But no need to fret, there are of plenty of user reviews that can be found online to help you distinguish the varied features of laptops you’re eyeing.

HP Spectre x360 A.K.A could be the next big thing!

This laptop from HP received an astounding 4 out of 5 stars for most user reviews online. It is touted as HP’s best offering in 2016. It is stylish, easy to carry, and has a solid battery life making it the best laptop for college students and travel buffs at this point. Unlike the previous models released by HP, the ultrabook comes in an attractively slim design and can be converted into a tablet, making it an appealing deal that you wouldn’t want to miss.

The Body Of HP Spectre X360:

The new x360 Spectre is smaller, thinner and lighter. It is 2.1 mm (.08 inch) high and 19mm (.76 inch) wide. However, despite its size, the battery of the x360 (57.8 Wh) is bigger by at least 1.8 Wh than its previous version. The battery is also fast charging and can be replenished by 90 percent in just as little as 90 minutes!

The keyboard is slightly wider, giving it a unique look. It also has an additional column of keys located at the right side of the device, which makes it easier for users to access the home/page up/page down combo without needing to simultaneously press the Fn-Key combination, thus making it a no frills alternative and one of the best laptops around.

If you are looking for a laptop with high resolution, the x360 Spectre has an IPS  1920×1080 screen. It is slightly lower than the older version so it could be a letdown for users that prefer a high resolution screen. The HP laptop boasts 4 speakers that can produce loud and deep sounds that won’t let music junkies down.

New Features of HP Spectre X360:

The new x360 is loaded with tons of surprises. It has two must-see features; the Windows Hello and Thunderbolt 3. Unlike the original x360, the latest version no longer has a mini-DisplayPort, Three USB 3.0 ports, HDMI port, SD card slot and headset jack. Nevertheless, it has two USB Type-C Thunderbolt 3 ports and a traditional USB type-A Port for added connectivity that totally compensated for the changes.

The Windows Hello, on the other hand, offers facial recognition as biometric authentication.  It is one of the most liked features of the x360 Spectre because it is incredibly reliable and easy to use.  Unlocking your laptop is made easier with the new x360.

HP Spectre X360 Review – Price:

Budget is everything and you won’t be disappointed to know that the x360 price tag starts at $899.99 USD for the Core i5 which has 8 GB of RAM and 255 GB of storage.  If you have extra dollars to spend, you can get the Core i7 for $1499.99; which has 16 GB of RAM and a 1 TB SSD HD. This HP laptop may be far more affordable than its counterparts but it is not inferior as it offers advanced and high quality features that is worth the money.

HP Spectre X360 Review – Advantages:

For one, the price tag is comparably low for what you’re getting with this laptop and its new features. Secondly, customizability with additional pricing is very useful if you will need the extra memory and amped up Core i7 technology.

HP Spectre X360 Review – Disadvantages:

The extra money needed to upgrade is expected but it would be nice to have some of the added features in a lower price model. Perhaps in the future, as new technology emerges, this base model will be more affordable and so will the upgrade.

HP Spectre X360 Review – Verdict:

Overall, this laptop offers top of the line features with such items as facial recognition, and for a reasonable price. I would recommend it to college students and those looking for newer features and a solid processor with plenty of memory.

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