Yerba Mate Cause Cancer

Can Yerba Mate Cause Cancer

Can Yerba Mate Cause Cancer And If So What Types?

Can yerba mate cause cancer? That question has many people wondering if they should be consuming this tea? To be fair, overconsumption of many beverages out there isn’t a good ideas. Reputable sources do claim that continued heavy consumption of it over a long period of time can indeed increase a person’s risk of developing 8 particular cancers. That simple fact is a little daunting, but it seems you would have to be a heavy drinker of this herbal tea for quite some time in order to have those risks.

They are risks, not guarantees, yet who wants risks associated with cancer? If you like to consume mate, it may be best to drink it occasionally. In some South American countries, it is served in restaurants and cafes. Therefore, people that live in those countries might be better off consuming it with a meal when dining out on occasion and not brewing it traditionally at home.

Furthermore, the infusion drinks use larger amounts of the tea leaves. They are popular in South America as a traditional drink. It’s a little more stout than the herbal tea you might brew regularly at home. Keep that in mind as you look at the risks of drinking this tea routinely.

Just as a disclaimer, before we get into the side effect warnings about cancer, I want to tell you what one source says about yerba mate. Basically, the site says that it is possible that it is safe for the majority of the population when consumed as a beverage in small amounts. There is that warning about moderation.

Now let’s talk about the possible side effects in relation to cancer as mentioned earlier. Esophageal cancer and kidney cancer are two of the types mentioned when it comes to the possible side effects. Are you a smoker? If so, your risks are said to be higher. The same goes for anyone who drinks alcohol over a prolonged period in association with drinking yerba mate herbal tea over a prolonged period.

Prostate cancer and lung cancer are also mentioned. That’s four, but there are four more possible cancer risks associated with overconsumption of this herbal tea over a long period of time. Cervical cancer and bladder cancer are two more risks. Then there is stomach cancer and mouth or laryngeal cancer. It should go without saying that children should not consume this tea. Also, pregnant or breast-feeding women shouldn’t consume this tea.

I say ‘shouldn’t’ because I looked at the risks and decided to leave out the words like ‘possibly unsafe.’ It just makes sense that children shouldn’t be drinking caffeinated products. In the US, they probably wouldn’t want to anyway. Yet in other cultures, children might have the urge to partake in tradition, as many people in certain South American countries drink this tea.

To me, it seems like adults could drink this tea on special occasions without really having to worry about cancer risks. Remember, however, that there are combined cancer risks associated with smoking and drinking. You might also want to consider other beverages you drink, too, especially if you partake in other types of herbal teas that have their own risks.

It certainly sounds like fun to have yerba mate every once in while though, especially one that is traditionally prepared. If I were to take a trip to one of the South American countries where it is popular, I do believe I would have to try one. I would want to try the traditionally prepared infused drink, served in a gourd, even if it is a fake gourd these days. Would you want to try one as well?

Perhaps you are thinking about brewing your own herbal tea, and you are just wondering if it is safe. In small doses, it appears unlikely that it is going to do anything harmful to you. You can try it from There are just the facts about the risks and possibilities. Before you make a decision, you can also check out the positive benefits of drinking. Those aren’t all quite concrete either, but hey, drinking herbal tea is just supposed to be a fun experience, too, right?

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