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Best Web Hosting With Free SSL Certificate Included

Best Web Hosting With Free SSL Certificate Included are BlueHost, Hostgator, WPX, etc. Paying for web hosting services that doesn’t offer free SSL is just not good for webmasters. A hosting service without free SSL certificate nowadays should be kept a bay.

SSL certificate has become essential for most of all websites if not for all websites. Today, I took a look at different web hosting service providers which provides premium SSL certificates or free SSL certificates. Before going all of them, let’s see a summary of the top picks for the best web hostings with free SSL.

Best Pick Overall

Best webhosting with free SSL: Bluehost

BlueHost is the best web host every blogger or webmaster has to try in life. I am currently using it. This is the best web hosting with free SSL certificate.

Value For Money

Best web hosting with free SSL vaue for money: Hostgator.

Hostgator is just little bit cheaper than Bluehost with similar features. Rest can assure that your website will work perfectly. Hostgator provides free SSL with all hosting plans.


Best webhosting with free SSL" WPX Best alternative to Bluehost
WPX Web Hosting

Even though WPX is not cheap, it is considered the best hosting for advanced and already earning webmasters. It is best if you can invest a little more.It offers free SSL with all hosting plans.



As compared to other hosting providers, Hostinger is the cheapest web hosting provider with free SSL certificates. Cheapest not necessarily means worst. It is still one of the best.

Best Web Hosting With Free SSL Certificate

Over the last year and so, most webmasters around the world are either been by themselves or are being forced to install SSL certificates on their websites. However, for a small webmaster, buying an SSL might be a cost burden. Today, I am going to post what SSL is, why you should install one too on your server, and what things you should consider while choosing an SSL certificate. If you are not into more explanations and just want the list check below or scroll down below.

1. BlueHost Web Hosting

BlueHost is not only the best hosting with free SSL but it is the best Webhosting for beginners and advanced bloggers.

Bluehost free ssl
Best Overall


Best for blogs with low to moderate traffic on shared hosting.
Starting price of $2.95 per month.
70% OFF on the first purchase.
One-click WordPress and other software installed.
Best customer service.
Free Domain.
Free SSL.
Free CDN.

Bluehost is my favorite Webhosting service provider overall. Free SSL is just another thing for me. Even if SSL wasn’t free, I would still use Bluehost. The cheapest plan starts at $2.95 and this is all you need. However, check out the other plans and pricing details.

Bluehost plans and pricing

The basic Bluehost plan starts at $2.95 allowing you 1 website with 10GB SSD storage. The choice plus plan starts at $5.45 while the pro plan is the most expensive plan at $13.95 per month.

All plans include free SSL, free CDN, free domain for one year, once-click WordPress installation, 24/7 support, free website builder, etc.

The choice plus plan offers unlimited websites, free domain privacy, and free backup. The pro plan includes free dedicated IP.

All plans include easy website protection, domain manager, Google ads credit, get your Google business verification, etc.

All plans include advanced features you need to access if you are an advanced user.

Bluehost is my favorite and you should start your webmaster history with Bluehost. You can migrate your already existing WordPress website in simple clicks using a WordPress plugin. You don’t need to worry about anything.

2. Hostgator

Hostgator is an excellent web hosting provider with reputable images among bloggers and it provides FREE SSL on all hosting plans.

Hostgator FREE SSL
Value for Money


Starting with $2.75 per month.
Free domain.
Free one-click installation of WordPress and other software.
Free SSL.
Free CDN.
45 days moneyback guarantee.
Free email.

Hostgator is one of the largest and best web hosting providers in the world. It is also a cheaper and most reliable option available.

Hostgator hosting plans and pricing

The Hostgator hatchling plan starts from $2.75 per month and allows 1 website with unlimited bandwidth, free SSL, and a free domain for one year.

The domain name is only for new customers for one year and renews at the normal price. The baby plan with $3.50 per month has an unlimited website. The business plan ($5.25) offers free Cloudflare CDN, unlimited websites, one-click WordPress installation, unlimited bandwidth, Free SSL, Free positive SSL, and free dedicated IP and domain names.

All plans include a free website builder, 45 day money-back guarantee, $150 Google ads and Microsoft ad credit, free email, free MySQL, free website and domain transfer, etc.

3. WPX Web Hosting

Clearly the highest-priced web hosting service. If you can afford this, you should definitely choose WPX web hosting for free SSL. There is no doubt it is the best.

wpx hosting with free ssl
Fastest web hosting with FREE SSL – WPX

WPX Webhosting

Starting with $6.25 per month (renews at $24.99 after 3 months).
Free domain.
Free one-click installation of WordPress and other software.
Free Unlimited SSL.
Free CDN.
30 days moneyback guarantee.
DDoS attack protection.

WPX Webhosting is the Apple of web hosting companies. The basic plan starts at $6.25 that renews that $24.99. WPX Webhosting offers the best services with ultra-fast servers, free malware removal, 24/7 support, free SSL, and 30 days moneyback guarantee.

WPX hosting plans and pricing

As mentioned above, the cheapest plan for WPX starts from $6.25 per month that renews at $24.99 per month. The business plan allows you to host 5 websites while the $12.50 that renews that $49.99 per month allows you to host 15 websites and the ELITE plan with $24.75 ($99.00 renewal) allows 35 websites.

All plans include unlimited free SSL, 1 click WordPress install, SSD storage, high-speed CDN, free DDoS protection, free emails, FTP, and file manager.

4. Hostinger Web Hosting

Definitely the cheapest among the reputable web hosting providers with FREE SSL.

Hostinger with free SSL
Cheapest web hosting with FREE SSL – WPX

Hostinger Webhosting

Starting with $1.99 per month.
Free domain.
Free one-click installation of WordPress and other software.
Free Unlimited SSL.
Free CDN.
30 days moneyback guarantee.

Hostinger is well known for being an affordable and reliable Webhosting service. Hostinger provides free SSL on all of its plans.

Hostinger plans and pricing

The cheapest Hostinger plan starts from $1.99 with the highest plan having $4.99 for all share Webhosting. The sing shared hosting plan allows only one website to host while all other plans allow unlimited website hosting.

All plan gives you free SSL, CDN, SSD, free backup, one-click WordPress installation, 30 days moneyback guarantee, and 24/7 support.

Hostinger advanced features

Chances are high that you will look for service addons and upgrades. Hostinger has all the advanced features for advanced users and many upgrades you can get like cloud hosting, upgrade any plan anytime, email hosting, VPS hosting, etc.

5. Dreamhost Web Host

The reliable web hosting service at a reasonable price with free SSL on all plans.

dreamhost with free ssl
Underrated web hosting with FREE SSL – DreamHost

Dreamhost Webhosting

Starting with $1.99 per month.
Free one-click installation of WordPress and other software.
Free SSL.
Free domain.
Free WordPress migration and transfer.
97 days moneyback guarantee.

Dreamhost is trusted by 1.5+ million website owners. All the servers are packed with SSDs. Once click WordPress install and migration is quite handy if you are looking to shift your hosting provider. One of the peculiar features of Dreamhost is the 97-day moneyback guarantee which is quite long as compared to other web hosting providers.

Dreamhost plans and pricing

Even though the plan starts at $1.99, I would recommend you take either 1 year or 3 years pack as the $1.99 plan is valid only for one month and after that, it will be renewed at a regular price of $7.99.

If you take the year or the 3 years plan, your promotional price will be valid for the whole year or the 3 years based on the plan you are purchasing.

Dreamhost Support

The DreamHost support is very professional and it is 24 hours a day seven days a week. There are a very vast amount of resources available on the DreamHost website. For almost all problems you will be facing, there might already be an answer to that on their website.

Free SSL is available on all plans. The $3.95 shared unlimited plan includes all the offers like preinstalled WordPress, free automated WordPress migration, WP website builder, and unlimited email on all monthly, yearly, and 3 years plans.

A free domain name is available for first customers with domains that are not taken already. Free domain privacy is also included in all plans.

Free automatic backup and other security services are provided by DreamHost. If you are an advanced user you can have all other advanced features given below:

DreamHost with free SSL and advanced features.
DreamHost with free SSL and advanced features.

DreamHost for complete beginners

If you are a very beginner and you don’t know anything, you can just order the hosting plan and talk with experts from DreamHost and they will do everything for you. Of course, there will extra charges for all the extra services.

I recommend you not to choose the cheapest plan. Blogging is a serious business. Choose by thinking from a long-term perspective.

What is an SSL certificate & Why it is required?

Sites with SSL transfer data from browser to server and server to browser in a secure and encrypted layer instead of a normal, insecure way. This way a user’s information such as email, and credit card numbers is encrypted before sending it to the internet.

From a user’s point of view, a site with a security tag in the address bar gives more confidence than the other one. Moreover, it is highly unlikely that they will share their details over a site that is not secure.

The demand for SSL certificates is increasing due to a mandate from Google Chrome from July 2018 onward, sites without SSL certificates will be labeled as insecure in the red sign and ranking will be dropped because of this.

Factors to consider before choosing SSL certificates

There are many types of SSL certificates and many different providers. For a newbie webmaster, it is very confusing which one to choose and what suits you. If you are hosting an eCommerce site or sites with high-security stakes like banking, shopping, etc. you must buy the top SSL certificates with higher security options. But for a simple blogger or information site, a simple low-end SSL or a free SSL will just do fine. Most web hosting providers sell SSL certificates, check them out and choose what suits you the most.

But I am here to say the top 5 best web hosting with free SSL certificates. Out of the 5 lists, I will choose NameCheap for providing premium SSL for free while others are either self-signed SSL or SSL from lets encrypt. However, for most normal sites and blogs, any SSL certificates will do the job.

Did you know that there are some very important factors you should consider before buying a web hosting plan? Check out my post to check them out and to make sure that you didn’t make a mistake while choosing a web hosting plan.

9 Factors You must consider before buying a web hosting plan

6. NameCheap Hosting with free SSL:

NameCheap is one of the front pioneers in web hosting providing cheap yet reliable web hosting for small to large users. Ever since SSL has become a requirement, web hosting providers are scrambling around to provide their customers with the required SSL. NameCheap is one of the first providers that introduced free SSL for the first year.

NameCheap is offering every domain and subdomain (Max. to 50 per Cpanel account) one year comodo positive SSL certificate for free with a 50% OFF on the second year renewal. This offer is valid even if you are already on the site as well as new users. However, the offer is only for shared hosting accounts. A major difference with other hosting providers is that the SSL certificate is actually not free but they are providing you free for 1 year then you are required to renew the offer. Paid, premium certificates are better than the free ones.

All you need to do is buy your domain name and in the dashboard, you will see a sign of lock as shown below click there to install your certificate. Don’t forget that NameCheap is offering free Whois guard too.

namecheap comodo positive ssl

Click here to buy domain names from NameCheap at just $0.48.

7. Liquid Web Hosting Free SSL:

Secondly, Liquid web is also offering free SSL from lets encrypt with auto-renewal which you don’t need to do anything.  All you need to do is go to your panel or ask for support. There are many types of hosting on the liquid web and how to install is different for each type. You might want to get support from their technical experts if you are not one.

Click here to get your favorite hosting packages from Liquid web.

8. InterServer Free SSL:

Similar to NameCheap, InterServer is offering SSL certificates without any costs for Cpanels. All you need to do is go to the SSL tab and choose the domains to secure and click enable/disable as you wish. It is also offering cheap VPS as well as dedicated WordPress hosting and many other eCommerce options.

Click here to buy from InterServer.

There are many other web hosting providers with free SSL. You can always check others. However, NameCheap is the best as they are offering a really good deal. Their SSL is not free and you have 50% OFF in the second year renewal.

For those who already bought a web hosting plan and your hosting provider is not offering you a free SSL, you don’t need to worry because lets encrypt is providing everyone a free SSL certificate. The only problem is that you need to renew it every three months. In fact, this blog is hosted using an SSL certificate from letsencrypt. Check out the link below to get an SSL certificate for yourself.

Click here to go to letsencrypt SSL certificate provider. 

As a webmaster, I am sure you are active on your internet security, censorship and online phishing. Check out my reviews about the top best must-have VPNs by following the link below:

Click here to check out VPN reviews.

If you are reading this post means you either already have web hosting or searching to buy web hosting. I have written a post on how to choose web hosting and factors to consider before buying a web hosting service. Check out the link below to check more.

9 factors you should consider before buying a web hosting service.

The factors include your requirement, price of the web hosting, offers and add-on the web hosting company is providing. Check out the link above to know more. You also can find exciting offers on it.

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