Best Podcast Mic Under 15000

Best Condenser Podcast Microphones Under 15000

Condenser microphones are popular among many musicians and podcasters, but it can be difficult to decide which one to purchase if you’re on a budget. Don’t worry; we’ve assembled this guide of the best condenser podcast microphones under 15000 so that you can find the best fit for your needs without breaking the bank! There are plenty of options out there, so let’s dive in!

Best Podcast Microphone Under Rs. 15,000

1. Rode NT1A Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone

​The Rode NT1A Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone is a remarkable choice for anyone looking to purchase a condenser microphone in an affordable price range. It’s currently available for 15999, but will often go on sale for less. Not only is it one of Rode’s most popular mics, but it’s also been praised as one of Amazon’s top 100 products overall categories. With excellent sound quality and a versatile range of uses, there are a few drawbacks to purchasing a condenser microphone such as these that make it well worth every penny spent.

The Rode NT1A Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone features a cardioid polar pattern, which means it records audio with more accuracy than any other type of mic. The polar pattern helps reduce ambient noise from nearby sources like traffic or air conditioning units, which results in higher quality recordings overall. Another great feature of the Rode NT1A Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone is its ability to switch between both high impedance (Hi-Z) and low impedance (Lo-Z) modes.

This allows you to use your microphone with virtually any device you can think of – including smartphones!

2. Sennheiser MKE 400 Mobile KIT Directional Compact Shotgun Microphone

If you’re looking for a compact and convenient mic for use with your DSLR, you can’t go wrong with Sennheiser. The MKE 400 Mobile KIT Directional Compact Shotgun Microphone is designed to be used with DSLRs, camcorders, smartphones, tablets, computers, and more. It comes complete with a custom shoe mount and video camera connection cable. This affordable microphone has an impressive frequency response of 20 Hz – 20 kHz. It captures audio in 16-bit/48 kHz resolution which can produce high-quality sound that is free from noise or hissing.

The cardioid polar pattern helps reduce background noise while picking up only what’s directly in front of it. You also get a foam windscreen to reduce wind noise when shooting outdoors.

It includes a low-cut filter as well as an attenuation pad so you can tailor your recording experience based on what type of equipment you are using. All told, it offers great value for its price point.

3. Audio-Technica AT2035 Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone

This is a large-diaphragm microphone that comes with a switchable bass roll-off and 10 dB pad. The frequency response of 80 Hz to 20 kHz makes it ideal for vocals and instruments like guitar, flute, violin, and more. Its cardioid polar pattern makes it one of those best condensers under Rs.15,000. This is also one of Audio Technica’s popular audio devices known for quality sound at an affordable price. If you are looking for the best microphones under 15000 then you can consider getting



Power Source

Corded Electric

Audio Sensitivity

33 dB

Item Weight

0.4 Kilograms

Polar Pattern


Audio Technica AT2035 Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone as it will help you achieve professional-sounding results without spending too much money on your recording equipment.

4. Lewitt LCT-240 Pro Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Sounding as good as it looks, The Lewitt LCT 240 is an excellent option if you are looking for a high-end condenser microphone that won’t break your bank. While some of us may complain about how difficult and expensive it can be to get a good-sounding microphone, Lewitt has come up with an answer for us. This is certainly one of their best microphones in terms of quality and performance at a reasonable price point. Besides, their looks are also pretty great too! It comes in a beautiful matte black finish with gold accents which make it look really professional.

It features a gold-plated XLR output along with two switches on its body; one for switching between cardioid and omnidirectional modes while another switch enables users to choose between three different polar patterns (cardioid, figure 8, or Omni).

Its frequency response range is 20Hz – 20kHz while its impedance level is 150 ohms. It weighs around 0.8 pounds which makes it portable enough so that you can carry it around easily wherever you go without any hassle.

5. Shure MV88+ Video Kit with Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone

Best microphones are always praised for their quality, but sometimes you don’t want a microphone that people will praise. You simply need one that gets its job done at all costs. This is where condenser microphones come in—the fact that they do their job with finesse is all you care about. The Shure MV88+ Video Kit with Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone is an excellent example of a quality condenser microphone and does its work without much fuss. Whether you’re recording a band or broadcasting for a news channel, it fits perfectly into any serious studio setting or on-air setup thanks to its advanced audio performance and good looks. It also comes with an adapter and stands mount so you can easily set up your mic wherever it needs to be.

It’s built rugged, so even if you drop it once or twice (or three times), it won’t let you down. It’s not as expensive as some other high-end condenser mics out there, but if you have a little extra cash lying around,

we recommend spending just a little more for something like Audio Technica AT2020USB+. But if money is tight, we think Shure MV88+ is still worth every penny.

6. Audio-Technica AT2020 USB Condenser USB Microphone

Audio Technica’s AT2020 USB condenser microphone is an affordable option that’s compatible with PCs and Mac computers. If you have a device that can be plugged into your computer, such as a smartphone or tablet, then there are apps out there that will allow you to use it as a recording device without any need for additional equipment. The AT2020 comes with its own custom interface box which connects it directly to your computer via USB cable. It is also possible to connect it using a standard XLR cable through phantom power – using 48v phantom power will ensure that you get high-quality recordings every time.

This microphone has been designed to produce clear audio recordings, making it ideal for professional music production and podcasting applications. While not quite as good at picking up sound in noisy environments as some of its more expensive counterparts, it still does a great job at picking up vocals in quiet environments.

It is also very easy to set up and use straight out of the box. Its excellent value makes it one of our favorite condenser microphones under 15000.

7. Shure MV5-B-LTG Digital Condenser Microphone

This microphone features a built-in headphone jack and a one-inch gold-sputtered diaphragm capsule. It has a 1/8 output that is high impedance, which can easily connect to any recorder. This microphone is also very durable as it can be used at outdoor performances and live events without any problems. If you are looking for great quality for an affordable price, look no further than Shure MV5 Digital Condenser Microphone. The reviews from many customers have been outstanding; they all claim that it delivers impeccable performance and amazing clarity.







Connectivity Technology


Power Source

Corded Electric

This digital microphone helps boost your audio signal with excellent sound quality while recording directly into your devices such as a laptop or smartphone.

How to choose between dynamic and condenser mics?

Before you can decide what your best microphone choice is, you have to figure out what kind of mic you need. Dynamic microphones excel at high-volume applications with a lot of movement. They’re also perfect for recording instruments like drums and percussion as well as loud stage performances, but they can often pick up more background noise than condensers do. Condenser mics, on the other hand, are better suited for quieter applications like podcasting and studio recording, where their sensitivity and clarity make them ideal for picking up acoustic guitar or piano.

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Finding a great microphone for recording under15000 isn’t easy. However, if you know what to look for, it is possible to find a great one. This list will help you choose between options based on both your needs and budget. I have compared 4 mics in detail: Neumann U87 Ai Studio Condenser Microphone; Audio Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser USB/XLR Microphone; Rode NT1A Studio Condenser Microphone; Sony ECM-3347 Stereo X/Y PZM Miniature Lavalier Lapel XLR Recorder with Swivel Mount. All of these are well-known and respected brands that make high-quality products. You can choose any of them without having to worry about compromising on quality or reliability.

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