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13 Ways To Prevent Laptop From Overheating

We all are stuck in the midst of laptop overheating while it isn’t getting any better. Today, we will learn 13 very effective ways to reduce and prevent your laptop from overheating. Keep reading till the end for some exciting offers. Before directly going to the 13 ways to prevent from overheating, you should know why there is laptop overheating. After this you will find out the 13 ways to prevent laptop from overheating.

Why is your laptop overheating?

Everyone seems to bother about laptop being overheated only when it is very hot and can’t deny it. However, very few ever tries to understand why the laptop is overheating. First things first, the main reason of your laptop overheating is that not enough heat is being exhausted by the cooling fans. Secondly, your laptop is producing excessive heat than a normal laptop should produce. Most often finding out why there is excessive heat from your laptop will tell you what to do to prevent and reduce the laptop from overheating. Let’s see the possible reasons for laptop overheating:

  • Laptop is old, dusty, can’t handle newer versions of software and apps.
  • You are overusing it without turning it off for days.
  • You are running some heavy resource consuming software.
  • You are running a lot of applications simultaneously.
  • You have installed some faulty software.
  • You are keeping your laptop in a very hot environment (immediate surroundings).

13 Ways To Prevent Your Laptop From Overheating

Stop asking if Gaming laptops overheat, why hp laptops are often overheating, how can you cool down your laptop because here are the 13 laptop overheating solutions. Don’t forget gaming laptops emit more heats as you are running some serious graphics

1. Clean your laptop routinely

First thing you need to do is grab a napkin or a cloth and clean your laptop routinely to prevent laptop from overheating. I am saying you have to clean daily and keep it in a very delicate way. But, all those small dust particles accumulating daily makes a lot in a long run. At least clean once a week. This will prevent the dust to go inside your laptop and reduce the laptop’s fan efficiency to a certain extent. If you know how to open your laptop and it is out of warranty then I recommend you to open it and clean once in a six month so that the fans are working properly.

2. Keep your operating system (Windows or Mac or Linux) clean

Physically cleaning the laptop is one thing while keep the OS clean is also very important. Delete unused apps, software, etc. Each of these not so important software needs certain memory in background to stay healthy so all of them adding up takes a portion of your available memory. This in turn will generate heat. Moreover, when you want to run a resource heavy software it will produce more heat due to extra resources being used in the background. Don’t let many apps stay in background.

3. Know the limits that your laptop can do

Every laptop has its limits based on the price range. Know what your laptop can do and can not do. You can’t expect a Rs. 30,000 laptop to run a complex software for days without overheating or any problem. It is like asking bike to carry a bus load of persons. So, it is a good practice to run and use your laptop to it’s favorable limit to prevent the laptop from overheating. One of the best way is not to make mistakes while before buying a laptop. I have listed 17 laptop buying mistakes that you can prevent. I highly suggest to read it as it consists points you may never expect.

4. Give your laptop enough rest

Just like human beings need enough sleep to start fresh in the next day, your laptop also needs enough hours of shutdown to perform well without overheating in the next session. If you are using it for continuous 2-3 days without shutting it down, make sure when you shut it down give at least 4-5 hours of rest before starting it again.

5. Keep your laptop’s fan area open

Don’t block the fan’s exhaust area. Let the air circulate openly in and around that area. Most people tend to keep the laptop in bed or above a thick cloth where it blocks all the airways. Try avoiding it to prevent your laptop from overheating.

6. Keep in a cool place

Heat transfer only takes place only when there is a temperature difference between the exhaust and the environment. If the environment itself is hotter than the laptop than your laptop will remain overheated.

Don't treat your laptop like this. Prevent laptop from overheating by following these simple ways.
Don’t treat your laptop like this. Prevent laptop from overheating by following these simple ways.

7. Don’t run multiple applications simultaneously if possible

Using your laptop’s resources heavily is the major reason of generating more heat than normal conditions. To prevent laptop from overheating, you need to run software that you will be using it now. It is a very common practice for many of us to run browsers, editing software and play a game at the same time while complaining my laptop overheats when playing games. Exit all in-necessary apps and use only those required.

8. It might not be overheating at all

Yes, you read it correctly. Sometimes, some laptops emits heat more than normal laptops and we tend to think it is overheating. For example, hp laptops emit heat more than other laptops generally. So often there is no hp laptop overheating. One way to confirm this is check your manual and see the operating temperature range and go to your bios if it is within it’s operating range.

9. Look for early laptop overheating symptoms

Most of us take action to prevent laptop overheating when it is too late. Take actions when you notice more heats in the early days before it affects the hardware. Once affected it will permanent and will stay no matter what you do. Check if there is any lag in running a software which was working just fine some times back. Check if you feel more heat. Check if your laptop shuts down unexpectedly, etc. And try to prevent them or resolve them

10. Buy a cooling pad (Good One)

YES! Buy a cooling pad if you are a gamer or your laptop is generally emitting more heat. There are questions that everyone is asking. Do cooling pads work for laptops? Are cooling pads bad for laptop? The answer is a big YES! It facilitates the air flow. However, if you are using the cooling pad in a very hot environment it won’t have much of an effect. Do not buy any cheap ordinary cooling but a quality one. I have gathered my top 5 picks of cooling pads you can use. Check out them below.

Follow this link here to buy from Flipkart or here to buy from PaytmMall One thing you have to look while buying any laptop cooling pad is to check if the fans in the cooling pad are somewhere in the same location as your laptop fans.

11. Format windows or reset or restore your OS once in a while

This may sound strange but it will clean your OS and start like a fresh one deleting all unwanted apps and background tasks accumulated in time. However, do not format often.

12. Change or remove faulty hardware

Routinely check for any faulty piece of hardware in your system and replace them before it affects other components and multiplying the faulty effects. This will prevent from spreading and thus preventing laptop from overheating.

13. Use genuine software

Using crack versions often may include hidden malwares and viruses that we don’t even notice. The will name it to look like it is a system process. Best is use only genuine products.

These are the 13 ways you can prevent your laptop from overheating. For all those waiting for the exciting offer. The offer is that Amazon is offering 25% cashback on recharges. For that you need to be a prime member. Click on the special link below to get the offer.

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