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Bitport Premium Account 2020 Get Now for free

Bitport Premium Account. Get joint premium account valid from 2018 to 2020 for free. Do not try to change the password or share the account. Today I will share the bitport premium account which I got from them for reporting a bug on their service with you all guys. Read more to get the bitport premium account.

Bitport Premium Account

First of all, if you don’t know what is, then go to this link which I have done a detail review, to know more about bitport. In short it is a torrent downloading service through http or https not the p2p service. By using bitport you can download torrents using IDM.


Secondly, If you don’t know what cloud torrent service is then check out the post below to know more details:

How to download Torrents with IDM via http or https

For those who are eager to jump to the main content, first let me explain on the details and rules of the premium account while using it.

This account is valid up to 2020. So do not try to get banned, use collectively and responsibly. I am giving away this bitport premium account to those who are really eager to get it not some random guy always searching for freebies in the internet.

Just before going to the premium bitport account, I want to personally ask you to install the best password manager – Dashlane. Never think again about managing many passwords for many sites or same passwords for all websites. Dashlane will store your passwords or generate new passwords securely and it will auto-fill the forms. You won’t need to remember every password. Click the link below to download and install Dashlane. It is completely safe and I personally use it.

Click HERE to download Dashlane.

How to get the bitport premium account

Read these instructions carefully to successfully get the account. I will hide nothing and you will need to follow each instructions carefully to get the premium account. First, sign up to our newsletter and confirm the subscription. After that the premium account detail links. Click on the link below and you will see list of offers or apps to install. This is done to avoid spamming. If  you do not even want to complete these steps, then you may kindly search for others. Choose the offer or app you like to complete. Complete the offer requirements or app installations (should be first time the app is being installed on your device.) Remember the app or offer name you completed. After the offer is completed you will be redirected to a google form where you will be asked to enter your email and country along with offer names  your completed.

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After this steps, you will get the account details in the email. Whenever, you can’t log in the account next time you may contact in the email you received the account details.

Bitport Premium Account Proof

Some of you might think that this is a scam but I don’t do that and you can see the account details in the photo below.

I got the coupon when I reported a bug on their site. I did not want to give away the coupon to a single person so I am sharing it with you all. The reason I make offers to complete or app installation is because I don’t want this account to spread like wildfire and give only to to deserving ones.

The voucher is worth $288 as you can see on the image above. This account is a public account as many of you will use. For those who hate this public account, you can always buy your own account by following the link below. Remember, I get a commission if you use the link below.

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