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Private VPN review | Best for streaming contents?

Private VPN review

Private VPN review | Best for streaming contents? One of the fastest VPN I have ever reviewed. Read more to get exclusive offers. Private VPN is the best of the series of VPN I am reviewing in the coming months. So stay tuned for more VPN reviews. Read till the end to get an exclusive offer of 76% OFF + 3 Months extra on subscribing to a 1 year plan.

Private VPN review

Private VPN is a VPN service provider based on Sweden. It does not store any data of any customer except the email, username and password of the user (as per their terms and conditions). It does not share or give or store any of your browsing in any way (as per their privacy policy). For those what a VPN is, it is a service where your internet connection are secured and make you anonymous in the world of internet like your location, secure your browsing history from your ISP, accessing blocked sites either due to censor or country law, etc.

Private VPN review – supporting devices

The Private VPN supports almost all major devices and operating systems including windows, iOS, Android, Mac OS, Linux, Kodi, router which means you can use the private VPN in your android mobiles, iPhones, iPad, iPod, laptops, desktops etc. All you need to do is to go the official site and download the respective software. It will automatically detect your device and show you the download link for your device respectively.

Private VPN review – server locations

There are tons of server locations all over the world. It includes in Europe, Asia, America, Australia, etc. Check the picture below to check all the server locations. There are servers in 56 countries including Argentina, Australia, Canada, India, Thailand, Spain, Egypt, US, etc.

You can unlock all the video streaming services like iBBC player, Sonyliv, Hotstar, Netflix, etc. in the respective country.

Private VPN review – Pricing

The pricing for the private VPN is one of the cheapest in the industry with best features. However, it is not cheap if you are buying monthly which costs you $7.12 while 3 months costs $4.5. But the current offer gives 17 months only for $2.54 which is the cheapest I have ever seen in a VPN pricing. If you are thinking of buying a VPN plan, you should not miss this deal as the private VPN is one of the best service providers in terms of speed and content unlocking which I will discuss in detail later in this post.

The payment options include major credit cards, paypal. Morever, you can pay using bitcoin as well. This makes more handy for many crypto enthusiastic.

Private VPN review – software

The UI and easiness of using the software for private VPN is very simple and easy to use. After installing the software just like any other software or app, you will be asked to login or sign up to private VPN. After the successful login you can select list of servers and other advance settings.

First of all you have to select the location of the server where you want to connect. For example, if you want to stream an Indian content from Hotstar or Sonyliv, you will have to connect  to the Indian server so select an Indian server or connect to the US server for US content.

After this most of you will need just to click connect but some of you have failed to connect because of your ISP or web admin blocking connection to the VPN server. In this case you need to click on the advance tab and select the connection type in the dashboard to OpenVPN (TUN+ TCP+443) just like the image shown below. This will solve the connection failed issue.

Private VPN review advanced options

There are other options in the advanced tab like the ability to choose auto start, auto reconnect, kill switch, repairing adapter. Moreover, you can select certain applications and software to stop internet connection when the VPN disconnections. All these options are easy to configure as shown in the figure below.

Once, everything is set properly according to your requirements, you just hit the connect button and the VPN will be connected to the selected server. Next step is to check the ping and connection speed.

Private VPN review – speed test

First the speed test is done using the under three different times from different host location the during this private VPN review. Check out the speed and pings below.

You can see the ping ranges below 100ms. However, when I played games like counterstrike GO, the ping ranges from 100 to 150 ms. The internet speed seems to be more in upload speed than the download speed. Again, the speed is not bad at all. In fact, it is one the best speed amongst the many VPNs I reviewed. The highest download speed recorded was 55.31 Mbps while the upload speed was 80.02 Mbps. In this speed you can stream any content you want.

I have watched YouTube, Netflix, Sonyliv, Hotstar and all of them worked perfectly without any buffering.

Private VPN review – offers, coupons

The normal price for a 12 months subscription is around $4.5 per month. But by following this special link, you can get it at only $2.54 which is one of the lowest in the industry. Click on the links below to sign up and get the special discount. This is equal to a 76% OFF + 3 Months extra on paying for 1 year plan. Click the link below to get the offer.

Click here to get 76% OFF + 3 Months Extra offer.

Private VPN review – verdict

This VPN is the one you must have not only because it is cheap and feature rich but because the connection speed is amazing. You should grab the deal and buy it. I would give 4.5/5. The remaining 0.5 because it disconnected automatically twice during this review.

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