Site icon Them Review review best anonymous torrent service? review review is the new boy in the town of torrent downloading without a torrent client like or Today, I am going to share my experience and a detail review. Few months back, I found a bug about their service and for that they gave me a two years premium account for reporting the bug. A more detail about the bug will be posted at a later stage. review best anonymous torrent service? is a service where you can download a torrent into a cloud service and then download it via https or http instead of P2P. This allows you to download torrents safely and anonymously without risking malware and your privacy. However, just like any other service, the free account is limited to 1GB, 1 torrent per day which is usually not so useful.

However, their premium service is a gem. It works perfectly at a super fast speed. There are three premium options you can choose which is shown below. I got a chance to get the 100 GB options which is more than enough for my requirements. pricing

Still unclear how to use this service, then I am here to tell you that exactly. Go to a torrent site any site like piratebay or any other site. Choose the torrent you want to download. Copy the magnet link and paste it on the bitport site as shown below. Then you will need to click on the download to my cloud button and wait for the download to complete. It will show in your my files section and then you can download from there using any down-loader like IDM or default downloader.

The download speed is very fast like 4 MBps while sometimes it reaches 12 MBps. My download speed for youtube is around 10 MBps. You can gauge the download speed for yourself by comparing my youtube download speed and yours.

As part of bitport review, it is essential to point out the advantages and disadvantages of the service. Knowing this will enable all you to decide for yourself if it is worth buying or not.

So, what are the advantages for as compare to others?

Well, the general advantages are that you don’t need to seed the torrent which costs extra bandwidths which is not desirable if you are on a data dieting! You only use the size amount. The download is safe and secure unlike the torrent clients where hackers can do some real nasty stuffs. If you care about privacy, you can check out the list of VPNs from my VPN category by clicking this link.

Moreover, it is very likely that your download speed will be much higher as compared to torrent clients as you are not seeding when you are downloading from the cloud.

One of my favourite feature is the streaming option and preview feature where you can stream your downloads directly from the site or by using video players like VLC. This is particularly useful for iOS users. Another feature is the virus scan option which will prevent from any malware or viruses from being downloaded if you were using other services or any torrent clients.

There must be some dis-advantages in review?

Oh! Yes! any service comes with some problems or features we wished were better. In this case, one of the frequent I encounter during the review is the problem with the failing to capture torrent after pasting the magnet link. Sometimes, I had to wait for about half an hour just to click add to my cloud button. Another feature I want improvement is the number of support codecs or file formats for streaming. Only one or two video format is readily available for streaming by default player. Others have to convert which may take hours. But you can stream any video instantly using VLC player.

Other than this, the service is overall very good and is recommended to buy if you are looking for a service to download torrents from IDM via http or https or if you are facing a censoring problem from your college internet providers.

Remember I got a free two year premium account for reporting a bug in their service? Well I got two coupon of two year premium service.So, I still got one free account coupon. So, I was thinking of giving away the coupon to some users for a common use. This will enable users to download service for free using free premium account. Do you like my idea? If so reply with a comment below, rate my blog post, contact via email mentioning why you want it.

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However, I highly recommend to buy your own premium account as this account is shared account and you can’t be sure how and why other users are using it.

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