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How To Buy SHIBA INU Coin In India – Everything You Need To Know

How to buy shiba inu coin in india

How to buy shiba Inu coin in india?

Keeping aside whether SHIBA INU is good or bad for investment, learning how to buy SHIBA INU coin is another topic. In this post, you will learn how to buy SHIBA INU coins from India with minimum or zero fees. At the end of this post, you will also learn how to earn SHIBA INU coin for free for real. This offer is valid only up to June 27, 2021.

How to buy SHIBA INU coin in India?

There are two ways to buy SHIBA INU Coin in India – through Indian crypto exchanges and through foreign crypto exchanges. Currently, BuyUCoin and WazirX are the Indian crypto exchanges that list SHIBA INU for exchange. For foreign exchanges,, Binance, Uniswap, CoinEx, KuCoin, etc. You can sign up in any of these exchanges and deposit funds and order SHIBA INU coins just like any other coins. We will discuss each one in detail.

How to buy SHIBA INU Coin in India through Indian crypto exchanges?

It is really easy to buy SHIBA coin in India. All you need to do is sign up in either WazirX or BuyUCoin, complete KYC, deposit fund and buy SHIBA using the fund you deposited. Check the following detailed steps to buy SHIBA coin in India.

This account is not your account details but the accounts of either WazirX or BuyUCoin that you will be depositing the money. Once the money is transferred to that account, it will be credited to your wallet balance in WazirX or BuyUCoin. Once the money is credited, go to market section of the platform and search for SHIBA. Click on it and buy SHIBA INU Coin using the money in your wallet.

If you are already a member of any of the exchanges mentioned above and you already have some investments in any of the cryptos but don’t have any other funds to add, you can sell it. Once you sold one of your holdings, the money will be credited to your wallet and with that fund, you can buy the SHIBA INU coin in India.

How to buy SHIBA INU coin in India using foreign exchanges?

Buying SHIBA INU coin in India using foreign exchanges are as simple as buying SHIBA INU coin using any Indian exchanges. The only difference is the currency conversion fees and credit card fees. I personally use and you can buy SHIBA INU coin using in India. Follow the steps below to buy SHIBA INU from

You can choose different types of payment i.e. fiat wallet, CRO Token, Crypto walet, credit card or debit card. As I said earlier, Indian debit and credit cards from SBI, ICICI, Axis banks declined payments. So, how do you buy SHIBA when you can use your debit or credit cards?

Do Indian banks allow using their cards to use in

No, both debit and credit cards from major Indian banks like SBI, ICICI, and Axis banks declined payments to I have been using these cards in other international transactions like PayPal, Aliexpress, and other web hosting services without any failure. This proves that the cards are working for international transactions but not for

How to deposit balance to as cards payments are declined by the banks?

This is one of the most asked questions. The first thing you can do is offer a bank transfer which takes time and fees which I don’t recommend. I recommend buying some crypto from any crypto exchange that you can buy using normal banking. If you are from India, deposit your balance to CoinSwitch and buy any crypto and transfer that crypto to the wallet.

It is not as easy as it sounds. If you are transferring around $100, bank fees will eat a major chunk of that $100. This is the same in the case of crypto transfer if you are using Bitcoin. So, you have to search which crypto is charging the lowest fee to withdraw to another wallet, in this case, wallet. Keep in mind that also has other charges. For me, I use XRP as it seems that it offers one of the lowest fees to transfer from a CoinSwitch wallet to other wallets.

I purchased XRP and transferred it to XRP wallet, then, sell it within and use that fund to buy any other crypto you want to buy. Similarly for withdrawing, you can do the same.

How to get SHIBA INU coin for free in [offer ends on 27-06-2021] has events called superchargers. These events are basically staking events where certain amount of money is allotted in CRO token to mine or stake a certain coin. Recently offered Dogecoin supercharger. Currently it is offering SHIBA INU coin. It has already started and amount of rewards depends on when did you deposited in the supercharger and how long. So, if you deposited on the last day i.e. 27-06-2021, you reward will be very less as compared to someone who deposited in the first day.

How to participate in the supercharger events in

It is very simple, just follow the steps below:

  1. Sign-up in or exchange and complete KYC.
  2. Deposit money using any of the options available.
  3. Buy CRO token from the track tab.
  4. Click on the supercharger button after clicking the icon in the middle.
  5. Deposit the CRO token in the supercharger event.
  6. Come back on the reward acceptance date and accept the rewards.
  7. In the next 45 days, the rewards will be credited to your account daily.

You can withdraw the deposited amount anytime but the rewards will be calculated based only on the amount of time you keep deposited in the supercharger pool. You can participate the same using the exchange by clicking here. You can find all the details by following the link above.

If you are looking to buy Dogecoin in India? If so, I have written a detailed post on how to buy Dogecoin in India and some important tips. Click here to read and more details.


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