Are you spending $1000s on multiple Apple TVs in your family?

This simple trick can save you $1000s in just a few clicks. Read the full webstory.

Affected due to recent price hike by apple on Apple TV.

Are your family members using different Apple TVs paying subscriptions for each TVs?

This trick can save you a lot.

Apple's family sharing let's you share multiple Apple services with your family for free.

This includes the Apple TV subscription and channels.

Click on your profile Apple ID, iCloud area to set up family sharing.


You need to set this up on Mac, iPad or iphone not on Apple TV.

Tap on the Family sharing to setup/add new members

If you haven't used family sharing option, you will be asked to setup one.

You can choose which service to share with members.

Before you think of adding friends, note that members have option to buy new services with your details. And Apple restricts only to family members.

Apple will ask you to add members by invitation or by logging in or create child account.

This feature is not only for Apple TV but for other services.

Select TV channels to share

Once members are added, tap TV channels to share with the members. Every member in the list will have the access.

Tap on Learn More to continue sharing Apple TV with your family members

Don't worry, they get their own stuff, and privacy is maintained by Apple.

You can see what channels you are subscribed in Apple TV App.

All channels you subscribe are automatically shared to all the family members.

This way you stop paying for each Apple TVs by each family member.

By doing so, you can save $1000s by clubbing them into a single subscription shared by family members.

It's not only about Apple TV but all many other services.

This can save you a lot in terms of App purchase, subscriptions, cloud storage and many more.

Check out the lists you can share

Parental control is also another useful feature you can use to restrict your kids to screen time, monitor their accounts.

However, add only your trusted family members on Apple Family Sharing feature.

Misusing his feature may result in Apple taking actions against your account.

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