SAM altman joins the lIST OF TWO LEGENDS

sam was fired as CEO of OpenAI, company behind ChatGPT and after a huge revolt, he was then taken back as CEO.

The ChatGPT CEO was fired on Nov 17 after a board meeting.

The reason of firing over a video call is: 'not consistently candid in his communications with the board.'

Greg Brockman was also sripped of the board seat & he resigned in solidarity with Sam Altman.

Not only Greg, many other employees resigned to show support for Sam. Ultimately, Microsoft stepped in.

Microsoft is one of major share holders in OpenAI and offered Sam and all of OpenAI employees after the uproar in OpenAI.

After the much watched drama, the board of OpenAI announced it is hiring Sam Altman back.

It is safe to say that Sam Altman holds significant sway and popularity among OpenAI employees.

With Sam Altman's return as CEO on a company he was fired, he joins an exclusive list of CEOs.

It is very rare that a fired CEO is returned again as CEO in the same company.

Sam Altman joins Steve Jobs on the list of CEOs who were fired and then came back.

Job was fired as CEO of Apple and he successfully ran Pixar then Apple called back Jobs.

Jack Dorsey is another CEO who was fired & then joined the original company.

He was the CEO of Twitter till Elon Musk bought Twitter, now X.

It is very rare for a fired CEO to return and it shows the power and talent these persons have.

Do you support Sam or board decision?



What do you think?

Will Sam follow Steve and Jack to become one of the most successful persons in the silicon vallye?