Meta (Facebook) caught again lying about harmful content

Meta has been accused of misleading public about amount of harmful content, according to a newly unsealed complaint filed by 33 states.

The complaint alleges that Meta's public reports on harmful content "downplay" the actual extent of the problem.

For example, Meta's Community Standards Enforcement Report (CSER) claims that only 0.10% to 0.11% of content views on its platforms contain hate speech.

However, an internal Meta survey called the Tracking Reach of Integrity Problems Survey (TRIPS) found that 19.3% of Instagram users and 17.6% of Facebook users reported witnessing hate speech.

The complaint also alleges that Meta has downplayed the amount of graphic violence, bullying, and harassment on its platforms.

Meta has defended its record on harmful content, saying that it has "spent a decade working on these issues."

The company also says that the complaint "mischaracterizes" its work.

This is not the first time the company is involved in these problems.

The complaint is likely to increase scrutiny of Meta's handling of harmful content.

This comes as continued efforts to curb online harassment.

The company could face fines or other penalties if it is found to have violated any laws.

But many will say Meta can pay any amount of money but should work harder to curb this problem.

The complaint could also lead to changes in the way that Meta moderates its platforms.

This may lead to problems with free speech.

The complaint is a reminder of the challenges that social media companies face in combating harmful content.

It is also a reminder of the importance of holding social media companies accountable for their actions.

The complaint is a significant development in the ongoing debate about harmful content on social media.

It will be interesting to see how Meta responds to the allegations.

Most likely it will be settled with some fine to the government.

The complaint could have a major impact on the future of social media.

The shares of Meta is also not going well with recent results.

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