The fight between Baap of Chart & A digital blogger started when the later uploaded a video exposing Baap of Chart.

Aseem Juneja, the man behind A Digital Blogger, made a long video accusing Baap Of Chart inluding fraud, old fraud records, breaking SEBI rules, etc.

Aseem accused Ansari of promising guaranteed returns, no response after buying the course, not working email & contact details.

A ditigal blogger further said, the courses are nothing but tips & tips.

He even said BS regarding the algo trading offerings from Baap of Chart.

Algo software of Baap of Chart is nothing but tips combined with TradeTron which is free as per A Digital Blogger.

Nasiruddin Ansari gave a salty reply against the video from A Digital Blogger

Nasiruddin Ansari started his reply by saying A Digital Beggar. The whole video is relatively salty.

Things Ansari says are to sell the courses & none of the buyers are forced but voluntary

Nasiruddin Ansari even boasted that just after Aseem's video he made 1.4 crore on new courses.

Nasiruddin Ansari said he is not the only one selling courses & many on Aseem's videos are doing the same.

He even said the MD before his name is not the problem playing religion card.

In the end of the video, Nasiruddin Ansari said he is the baap of chart, no one can do anything & it's an open challenge.

But with the latest news from SEBI about depositing 17 cr from baap of chart shows some illegal things and fradulent schemes from Nasiruddin Ansari.

Nasiruddin Ansari is banned from dealing anything to do with Sotck Market

It is safe to say that Aseem won this one against Nasiruddin Ansari

What's your view on this?

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