3 Times Mukesh Ambani, boss of Reliance Industries Received Death Threats. Being the richest in India has resulted in these threats.

Pay Rs. 20 cr or there will heavy consequences: an email threat reads to Mukesh Ambani. But this is not the first time for the Ambani family.

Police are taking appropriate actions as per the reports received on 28th October, 2023. Ambanis are safe, don't worry.

Let's take a look on 2 other recent death threats on Mukesh and Ambani family. Being ultra rich is not as easy as we thought.

One jweller was arrested on 16 August, 2022 after issuing death threat to Mukesh Ambani on a phone call.

Vishnu Vidhu Bhaumik was arrested after he called the support on South Mumbai-based HN Reliance Foundation Hospital and issued death threat.

A vehicle ladden with explosives were found in near the house of Mukesh Ambani on 25th February, 2021.

The threat letter inside the vehicles said this: This is a trailer, but next time we will connect [all these explosives] and come. We have made arrangements to blow up your entire family.

Police showed a man in protective gears coming out of the vehicle. Police investigated quite extensively.

Police found the owner of the vehicle washed up dead. The whole episode was a huge controversy.

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What do you think & who did the threats to Mukesh Ambani, the owner of Reliance Industries? Are they in danger?

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