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Total VPN Review 2016 – A sense of Total privacy online

total vpn review 2016

Total VPN Review 2016. Total VPN free is the best alternative to paid VPNs. The paid is only 5.99$ with truly unlimited and complete anonymous.  Let us go to details of Total VPN from various factors.


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Total VPN Review 2016:

Just like the other VPN, total VPN provides its own unique service and has its advantage and drawbacks. We will see one by one. The best part of total vpn is its free service.

Total VPN review 2016: About

Total VPN is a VPN service provider with both free and paid versions. It provides no log of any kind accept your account details. Its paid plan is also very cheap which is the main advantage for it.

It provides free app for both android and iPhone along with other popluar OS including windows and Mac OS.

The service can be used to access sites blocked by your government or work or college admin. It also can be used to anomnyse yourself from possible hackers or in fact privacy concerns.

Total VPN free plan:

Total VPN provides free plan for users who wants to test their service. You can select three location of server from only one device. There is bandwidth limitation. All the protocols including torrents are supported in the free version also.

The speed limit was normal and you can not expect anything more than this from a free service. The sole purpose of Total VPN free service to test and then upgrade to the premium plan. No credit card is required to use free plan.

Total VPN Premium Plan:

The Total VPN premium plan is simple and hassle free. It is $5.99 per month, a simple and single plan which offers all the premium features most VPN provides.

It gives you totally unlimited speed, bandwidth, and premium service.

You can connect Total VPN from 3 devices simultaneously. All protocols are allowed including torrents.

There are separate proxy service only for premium users. You can choose from 30+ locations which is major upgrade from free plan.

The connection speed was upto the par and you can stream movies music without causing any major problem. Your plan will be automatically renewed according to your subscription.

Total VPN Free Download:

To download total VPN, you will need to enter your email and confirm from your inbox. After it , download link will be sent to your inbox. Total VPN supports windows, Xbox, PlayStation, Apple TV, Windows Surface, Amazon Fire, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Google Nexus.

You can directly download from respective app stores and can sign up using store accounts. The download is free and you can sign up or subscribe to premium plan later after installation.

Total VPN review 2016 privacy:

2016 has been a year of fighting our own privacy against security where many normal don’t realize what is in it. You can have your own privacy. It is not like there is nothing to fear if you have done nothing wrong but it is our right to have some privacy. Total VPN keeps no log record in any form of browsing or doings in internet.

This is main advantage when you use torrent or something which your government is censoring about.

Total VPN support:

Total VPN has nice suuport staff, you can chat with them 27*7 even though you can get offline sometimes. There is plenty of knowledge base FAQ before you can open a support ticket in it. You can also open a support ticket for any reason.

Total VPN Review 2016 service speed and reliability:

Total VPN boasts of 99.99 uptime and industry level security in its protocol. All the connections are encrypted and there is no log in it. There is no compromise of your identity in any case.


Interesting free plan.

3 locations even in free plan.

No time bound free trial plan(No expiry date)

Support of torrent in both free and premium plan.

Cheap $5.99 simple plan.

High speed and total privacy.

No log of you history.



Throttled bandwidth and speed in free plan (of course it is free do not complain :P)

Sometimes support staff is not available in chat.

Need more than 30+ server location.

Only some of the servers offer full speed.



You must download, use and try its free plan which is very nice. If you are satisfied then upgrade, if not just switch to another service.

There is nothing we did not like Total VPN in our whole review process. It is recommended to check Total VPN.

If you are interested in your online privacy and do not want someone to spy on you then you should use a VPN. To check other VPN services such as Incognito VPN, Golden frog VPN etc you can go the link below which has other Top VPN reviews.

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