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Seed4Me VPN 1 year promo code (Not Crack)

Seed4Me VPN 1 year promo code

Seed4Me VPN is one of the newer VPN in the VPN market. Today I found a Seed4Me VPN 1 year promo code (Not Crack) and I am sharing it with you all guys. This voucher promo code is working at the time of posting this article. However, this may expire at any time. Keep reading to know the promo code.

As per their site Seed4Me is a VPN service that unblocks websites which are either banned or censored by governments or by authorities. It also offers wifi security. There is a kill switch feature where all internet connections are stopped due to sudden disconnection from the VPN server. The VPN server is located in many countries.

Their service seems new and based on a simple whois check, the domain was registered on 2011 and they are renewing their domain yearly and currently expires at Dec of 2018. The site doesn’t seem professional. However, for those looking for a free way to get VPN, you can grab a year coupon code of the Seed4Me VPN.

The Seed4Me VPN service is priced at $10 for 3 months. However, you can opt for billing weekly and monthly. I have other VPN services which are very trustworthy and have been here for a long time. You can check them out by following the link below:

Seed4Me VPN 1 year promo code

As title says the code is for 1 year only and it works for every users. Check out the process to activate the promo-code:

1. Get the Seed4Me VPN 1 year promo code below:

Seed4Me VPN 1 year promo code (LINK 1)

Seed4Me VPN 1 year promo code (LINK 2)

2. Go to

3. Register an account like this: Fill fields by inserting a valid e-mail address, password and cofirm password but don’t click on the “Register button” yet

At the top right in “Promo Code field”, enter the code provided in this post

5. Now mark “I’ve read and accept Terms of Service” and click on “Register button”

6. You’ll be receive a confirmation e-mail should be validated

7. At this point install Seed4.Me on your Pc, on macOs or on another application for more info go to and login).

8. Once installed, start Seed4.Me Vpn, login with your account, click on a country that most pleases and click “continue” (others servers can also be chosen later).

The vpn uses the “PPTP protocol” by default, but it is also possible to choose the “L2TP protocol”. Unfortunately,”L2PT” must be configured. To do this, just follow the guide on the official Seed4.Me website.

I personally will never ask you all to consider a free VPN. But however, if you are looking for just a way to bypass censors in your college or universities you can opt it. I have posted an article specifically on how to bypass cyberoam. You can check out by following the link below

How to bypass access blocked sites by cyberoam that I have succeeded

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I hope you enjoyed the post. Comment your ideas or if you have any problems down below. Stay tune for more exciting articles.

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