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Popular Men’s Christmas Stocking Stuffer – The New Pocket Sluice – Pocket-sized Gold Prospecting Tool

Greetings everyone! We all know that Christmas is knocking on the door. So, it is time for you to prepare the perfect gifts for your love ones. For this year, I have some exciting gift ideas for you all. Do you like adventure? or a little Gold? If the answer is yes, this is perfect for you. If the answer is no then I will make this exciting for you continue reading. Everybody likes Gold and superimposing adventure to that is a great gift for anyone in this festive season.

Pocket Sluice for Christmas Gift

The new Pocket Sluice  for Gold Prospecting is the new trend for a perfect gift. Enjoy your Christmas adventure while at the same time mining some Gold. Obviously this will not make you a Gold dealer but the feeling of getting raw gold is a totally different feeling from buying it in a shop. Even if you don’t know how to do it, I got it all here. Check out the DYI videos below and follow the steps.  Let’s check out this amazing product.

The idea is to have an outdoor party like a fishing expedition in your nearby river and enjoy the day and keep with little or no attention and in the end you will have an exciting chance of getting some pure Golds. By giving this as a gift to your love ones or family members, you show that you respect them and their interest and ready to participate in it. Moreover, they may be tired of receiving the same or normal gift every year internally even if they are not seeing. At least they will be excited to see that you have worked hard and the gift is something they wants to have. Get one for yourself and do the river Gold prospecting together.

Pocket Sluice perfect design for Gold prospecting

I don’t to explain all these things if you are a fan of many TV series like Gold Rush, Bering Sea Gold, Yukon Gold you are already fascinated with this idea. One of the most popular is the Pocket Sluice from the The product is the perfect for a small compact yet with best designs. Some of the best points I like are listed below.

You can get one these nice looking pocket sluice with only 29.95 CAD which is super cheap. Do you know that this is one of the most demanding activities in the world. However, due to low quality design and poor treatment, the final outcome is very less. With the pocket sluice from the site above you can get tailored engineered design not just random design.

For those who have no idea, watch the video below. The simplest explanation is that the small Gold particles or grains are made subtracted from the river mud and stones flowing along with water using specially designed sluices. There are many large sluices you can buy. However, we are considering the pocket sluice where you can carry in hand very easily without occupying any big spaces. The Gold particles in the bottom is further refined at home.

It is quite simple and you and your family members can give a go and experience it. One thing I want to say is that, you won’t find a fish in a house swimming pool unless you put fish first in the pool. You will need to go a well known place where there is fish. Just like fish, it is better to go a place where you know there are gold mine or people are doing Gold prospecting already. Check out the photo above and amount of Gold deposited there. This means there is a real chance of getting some good amount of Gold. There is a whole industry behind this. However, here we are doing it as a fun time.

Why a pocket sluice instead of conventional gifts?

Well, ask yourself what kind of gift do you expect and want? Do you want a normal gift like a book, or some just ordinary stuffs that everyone is giving to each other or a gift that you love and mean something to you? For me it is the later one.

When should you order this gift?

Well the festive season and black Friday are all lining up which means everyone is rushing for their own share to buy. I strongly encourage everyone to order at the earliest so that the gift will be reached at time without any delay. Even if there is unforeseen delay it will at least have enough time to reach if you order now. To order now click here to go the the pocket sluice website.

It is your prime interest to reach the item in time and there is no last minute adjustment for something that you didn’t want to give in the first place. They have announced that the order is already surging due to high demand and I suggest you all to check it out immediately.

There are other big sluices also available check out them out. Bigger the sluice means higher chance of getting large Gold. There are other secondary equipment you can check out which are necessary for complete process. They are cheap and very useful as well. These equipment will help is filtering the concentrated deposition of Gold and other particles. Some will help in heating and other process.

If you already have one of pocket sluice comment down below your experiences, share your stories and tips so that others can share it. Stay tune for more cool post and articles here at

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