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5 Best, Must-Have Apple Mac Mini M2 Accessories In India

5 Must have Apple Mac Mini M2 accessories in India

5 Must have Apple Mac Mini M2 accessories in India

I recently bought the all-new Apple Mac Mini M2 and quickly realized that I needed some accessories. With these experiences, I am sharing 5 must-have accessories for Apple Mac Mini M2 available in India. For each accessory, I will provide 2-3 alternatives with prices ranging from cheapest to highest-priced options.

5 Best, Must-Have Apple Mac Mini M2 Accessories In India

First things first, you will need a keyboard, mouse and a monitor for the Mac Mini M2 to properly use. I am not counting this as accessories as these 3 items are essential. If you don’t have these, I recommend you check a minimum of 4K monitor LG 69 cm/27 inches LCD 4K-UHD 3840 x 2160. A cheap yet very good Bluetooth mouse and keyboard is a must, I suggest, Portronics Key2-A Combo of Multimedia Wireless Keyboard & Mouse. Once you get these items up and running, let’s discuss the 5 must-have accessories for your new Mac Mini M2 in India.

1. A Thunderbolt (USB C) hub for Mac Mini M2

Doesn’t matter if you are buying the base version or the high-end version, soon, you will run out of ports in your Mac Mini. One USB port for the keyboard and mouse, only one is remaining. If you are using dual display or connecting iPhone, two thunderbolt ports are also used. There is no escape, you have to buy a thunderbolt hub for your Mac Mini M2.

I am giving three options for the thunderbolt hub accessory for your Mac Mini M2: the cheapest one, the mid-range one, and the highest one. The cheapest one doesn’t mean it is bad. All are very good but there will be differences in terms of number of ports and transfer speed it can handle.

The Most Expensive & The Best Thunderbolt Hub For Mac Mini M2

Satechi Type-C Stand & Hub with SSD Enclosure Patented Design Fits M.2 Data SSD, USB-C Data Port, Micro/Sd Card Readers, USB-A & Headphone Jack Port (Silver)

Sateshi is famous for its quality Apple accessories and its Type-C thunderbolt hub is no exception. This one is very sleek in design and it just looks like a part of your Mac Mini and you won’t see a cable in the front. With one Type-C as an output port, it will offer you an additional 3 USB-A ports, 1 Type-C port, 3.5 mm audio port, micro SD card readers as well as SSD enclosers. There is a cheaper version of the same brand without the SSD enclosure. Check out the features below.

You don’t need to worry about the quality of the product and if you are looking for the best product, you should buy this one without worrying about the prices.

Satechi Type-C Stand & Hub with SSD Enclosure Patented Design Fits M.2 Data SSD, USB-C Data Port, Micro/Sd Card Readers, USB-A & Headphone Jack Port (Silver)

Click the link below to buy from Amazon.

Cheapest Mac Mini Hub With Best Value For Money

Mac Mini Hub, Oxlaw Type-C Aluminum Stand & Hub – USB-C Data Port, Micro/SD Card Readers, USB 3.0 & Headphone Jack Port – Compatible with 2020 & 2018 Mac Mini (MC25, Silver)

Similar to the Sateshi one, the Oxlaw Mac Mini Hub for your Mac Mini M2 is the cheapest Mac Mini hub accessory available in the market with similar features provided by Sateshi. You will get two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports with micro SD readers but there are no USB-C ports in this. There is also an SSD enclosure. At this price, I think this is the best and you should absolutely get this if your main aim is extending your storage capacity through SSD, more USB ports, and reading your micro SD cards for transferring photos and videos from your camera. Check out the features below.

Click the link below you buy directly from Amazon India.

Mid Range Mac Mini M2 USB C Hub

Qwiizlab USB C Hub Docking Station, Fits PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD & 2.5” SATA SSD, USB-C 10Gbps, Card Readers 100MB/s for Mac Studio Mac Mini 2018/2020 M1 (Silver)

Qwiizlab USB C hub for Mac Mini is one of the most popular hub with all the features you can get. It offers you one USB 3.1, one USB 3.0 (10 Gbps), and one USB 3.0 (5 Gbps) ports with Type-C ports as well SD card readers. There is also one SSD enclosure and one for HDD too. Check out the full features below.

If you are looking for a better speed than the cheapest option but with a budget crunch, you should definitely opt for this one. Click the link below to buy from Amazon.

2. An external SSD storage device

You will need two SSDs one portable and one to be in the SSD enclosure in the hub above. If you are buying an internal SSD, you must be very careful and should double check if the SSD you are buying are compatible with the hub you are having. For example, the Sateshi and Oxlaw hub is not compatible with NVMe, and supports M.2 SATA SSD only. The Qwiizlab hub is compatible with both types of SSDs.

Check out the two internal SSDs one wit SATA and one with NVMe.

Patriot 2TB P210 2.5″ SATA III Internal (SSD) Solid State Drive – P210S2TB25

Western Digital WD Green SN350 NVMe 2TB, Upto 3200MB/s, 3 Y Warranty, PCIe Gen 3 NVMe M.2 (2280), Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) (WDS200T3G0C)

Once you have the internal SSDs installed in your hub, now you will need one portable SSD for ready and frequently use file transfer between your devices. You can opt for 1TB option or 2TB option. I have given you both 1TB and 2TB links below. You can buy based on your requirements.

SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable SSD 1050MB/s R, 1000MB/s W,Upto 2 Meter Drop Protection with IP55 Water/dust Resistance, HW Encryption, PC,MAC & TypeC Smartphone Compatible, 5Y Warranty, External SSD

Check out the main features below.

Click the link below to buy from Amazon.

SanDisk 2TB Extreme Pro Portable SSD 2000MB/s R/W, Upto 2 Meter Drop Protection with IP55 Water and dust Resistance, Metal Enclosure, PC, MAC & TypeC Smartphone Compatible, 5Y Warranty,External SSD

Check out the main features below:

Click the link below to buy from Amazon online.

3. USB-C to VGA/HDMI converter

If you are stuck with an old monitor like me with a VGA port, you will need a converter. NOTE that HDMI to VGA converter is not possible in Mac Mini M2. You need to buy a USB-C to VGA adapter. Check out the cheap yet good option or you can buy the official one from Apple but the price is as you know out of touch.

CableCreation USB C to HDMI VGA Adapter, USB Type C to HDMI 4K 60Hz VGA 1080P 60Hz Converter Compatible with Galaxy S22 Ultra/S20, MacBook Pro 2020, iPad Pro 2020, Dell XPS 13/15, Surface Go

This USB-C to VGA/HDMI adapter is the best you can get as it can support two displays from this sing port. Or if need both VGA and HDMI outputs. This can be of one for your monitor and one for your projector. Check out the features below.

Click the link below to buy from Amazon online.

Or you can get official adapters from Apple. Check them out below.

4. A portable monitor

If you are a frequent traveler without a laptop and you are thinking to carry your Mac Mini M2 in your bag, you can do it but what about a display device? Most hotels have a TV and you will need to carry your won HDMI cable. Or you can buy a portable display and perform your work seamlessly. Check out the options below:

Best value for money

Riitek 15.6 Inch Portable Monitor 1920 x 1080 FHD IPS Ultra Slim Display Screen with Type-C, Mini, HDMI Port for Laptop, PC, MAC, Xbox, PS4; Includes Smart Cover & Screen Protector

This portable monitor from Riitek, is one of the most popular portable not only for Mac Mini users but also for everyone. This accessory for Mac Mini M2 is only for those with requirements for portable monitors. If you don’t need it, better buy a storage device.

Check out the features below:

Click the link below to buy from Amazon.

The Most Expensive Portable Monitor Accessory For Mac Mini M2

ASUS ZenScreen MB16ACE 15.6” Portable USB Type-C Monitor Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Eye Care with Lite Smart Case External Screen for Laptop

Priced more than 30k, this portable monitor from Asus is a full HD display that you can expect full quality monitor just like any other monitor. If you have the money and requirements mentioned above you can certainly buy this one for your Mac Mini M2.

Click the link below to buy from Amazon.

Mid-range portable monitor for Mac Mini M2

ViewSonic VA1655 16 Inch (40.64 cm) LCD 1920 x 1080Pixels SuperClear IPS Panel Portable Monitor, Full HD 1080p, Less Than 1 KG 9.85 mm Slim, Dual Integrated Speakers, Eye Care, HDMI, DP, Black

Check out the features below:

Click the link to buy from Amazon.

5. A Mac Mini portable case

You will love to have a portable case for your Apple Mac Mini M2. Check out the various options below:

That’s it, folks, top 5 must-have Apple Mac Mini M2 accessories. Check out other articles as well and do not forget to share this if you find this helpful.

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