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Best neckband under 2000 in India 2023

bet neckband under 2000 in India

bet neckband under 2000 in India

Finding the best neckband for under 2000 appears to be a difficult task. However, with a comprehensive list, we have included all of the facts that will assist you in selecting the best neckband for you. Let’s get this party started.

Music is divine, and it is the most effective way to disconnect from the outside world. I’m not here to tell you how listening to relaxing music will help you, but one thing is certain: it will improve your mood. You can get the job done with a nice pair of earphones.

The millennial generation does not leave the house without it. Why not use it for your business calls? It’s extremely reassuring.

Neckbands are available in a variety of price ranges. But I’ve carefully picked my selection to fit everyone’s budget. I’ll also go over the many sorts of neckbands so you can pick the right one!

Best neckband under 2000 in India

1. boAt Rockerz 330 Wireless Neckband

Boat Rockerz is the best neckband under 2000 in India for 2021, according to our research. The Boat Rockerz 330 Wireless Neckband earphone has a long 40-hour playback duration. You may get 10 hours of gaming with just 10 minutes of charging time.

The Boat Rockerz 330 Wireless Neckband’s Type C charger ensures a quick and flawless charging experience. It can be used with any sort of USB charger. As a result, you may appreciate the interface’s beauty.

BOAT Rockerz 330 – Best Neckband under 2000 in India

The Boat Rockerz 330 Wireless Neckband features unique dual pairing technology. This technology enables the earphone to connect to two devices at the same time using Bluetooth version 5.0. As a result, it provides you with the most ease when listening to music.

You can use clever voice assistants with the help of nicely integrated controls. It delivers a hands-free assistant that completes all tasks without requiring the user to touch the phone. To activate the voice assistant, simply press it once.

The Boat Rockerz 330 Wireless Neckband has dimensions of 17 x 13 x 13 cm and weighs around 34 gms.

Pretty Features

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2. OnePlus Bullets Bluetooth Wireless Z

The Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z earbuds are constructed with best-in-class technology and come in a variety of colours, including black, blue, mint, and oatmeal. There is also no need for setup because they include a Tap to connect function. It’s easy to pair these earphones; simply separate the earbuds and put them back together to use them.

Because of the Warp Charge technology, these are an excellent pair of wireless earbuds. You get 10 hours of play time with just 10 minutes of charging. Furthermore, when completely charged, these earphones provide up to 20 hours of playtime. So, whether you’re going for a jog or a long vacation across the nation, you can carry these headphones with you without anxiety.

The design of these earbuds is clean and appealing, as well as functional. They are perfect for use while travelling and exercising because to the reinforced sweat and water resistance. We also checked the wire thickness, and they are quite unlikely to break easily.

They have a new Bluetooth chipset – v5.0 QCC3024 – that makes them simple to use. This neckband’s Quick Switch, Quick Pair, and Magnetic control capabilities add to your comfort and convenience.


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3. Sennheiser CX 120BT Wireless Bluetooth

Sennheiser CX 120BT Wireless Bluetooth

The most comfortable and portable headphones on the list are the Sennheiser CX 120BT wireless Bluetooth in-ear neckband headphones. They boast a 6-hour battery life and a three-button controller for controlling calls and music. They have interchangeable ear tips that may be adjusted to fit your ear size.

It has aptX Low Latency, which reduces lag and makes games more responsive. They have a wide frequency response range of 17Hz to 21,000Hz, allowing them to provide clear bass, mid, and treble.

The CX 120BT offers a sleek three-button remote for easy phone calls and audio management, as well as a comfortable around-the-neck design. It’s never been easier to enjoy the terrific sound with a 6-hour battery life that can be quickly recharged by micro USB.

Beneficial Features

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4. Sony WI-C200 Wireless Headphones

Everyone’s ambition is to get Sony wireless WI-C200 is the best neckband under 2000, which is high-quality and feature-rich, to fulfill this demand.

Sony is regarded for having the highest audio quality in the business, which I can sense with the C200. You receive a pure, powerful sound with remarkable clarity and sharpness. Deep bass and dynamic audio performance are provided by the 9mm dynamic driver unit.

Hands-free calls and voice assistant access are made simple thanks to the mic and control features. The noise-canceling, on the other hand, is not very good.

It comes with a clear and stylish neckband that easily wraps around your neck. The lightweight design, weighing only 13g, improves portability. You can get rid of tangling troubles and storage for good with the magnetic casing and tangle-free cables.

Sony WI-C200 Wireless Headphones

The metallic finish on the body gives it the luxury look and feel that everyone seeks. Inline control buttons provide you complete control over your music, allowing you to play/pause/skip tracks and even attend/reject phone calls without any delay or complexity.

The Sony WI-C200 earphone battery lasts around 13 hours (as claimed). It enables quick charging, thus charging it for 10 minutes provides you 60 minutes of playback.

You can listen to music/podcasts and take calls all day thanks to the incredible battery life.

Pretty Features

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5. Realme Buds Wireless in-Ear Bluetooth

Realme Buds Wireless in-Ear Bluetooth

The Realme neckband is another popular option among customers. Because of the neckband design, you can quickly put it down and connect wirelessly via your smartphone. The neckband includes an 11.2mm sound driver with bass output. The in-ear design of the buds isolates noise from the minute you put them on, preventing any form of noise leak. The built-in magnet on the buds has an automated on/off switch and prevents the buds from becoming entangled.

Realme neckband also contains control buttons for managing music playback, handling voice calls, and activating Google Assistant. Finally, the 110mAh battery provides up to 12 hours of assistance. And a rapid charge of 10 minutes gives you 1.5 hours of backup.


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6. Zebronics Zeb Yoga 90 Plus – Best neckband under 2000

Zebronics Zeb Yoga 90 Plus

The Zebronics Zeb Yoga 90 Plus neckband earbuds are a more economical option. It contains a USB Type-C connection for charging and Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connectivity. The Zebronics Zeb Yoga 90 Plus also has a built-in microphone for taking calls. The neckband earphones are equipped with 10mm drivers and should last up to 10 hours on a single charge.

With the magnetic earpiece, the Zebronics Zeb Yoga 90 Plus has a metallic look. There are four color options: blue, red, green, and yellow.


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7. Noise Tune Charge Bluetooth Wireless Neckband

Noise’s Tune Charge is one of their Best neckbands under 2000. It has a playtime of 16 hours, which is quite long in recent years. As a result, it’s your go-to music for sports and travel.

A one-year warranty is also included with the Noise Tune Charge Bluetooth Wireless Neckband. Simply by pressing the dedicated booster button, you may experience the bass.

With buttons on the earbuds, you can adjust volume, answer calls, and manage music with the inbuilt remote control. Tune charge has a sweatproof rating, which extends its lifespan.

Noise Tune Charge Bluetooth Wireless Neckband is an in-ear earphone that runs on 3.3 volts. There’s also a built-in microphone, and the battery is made entirely of Lithium ions.

Noise Tune Charge Bluetooth Wireless Neckband

The dual pairing is one of the Tune Charge’s standout features.

You can avoid tangles by using magnetic earbuds. That is, when not wearing the neckband, you can keep your earphones together simply snapping them together.

Tune Charge Neckband is compatible with all Bluetooth devices running version 5, and it provides a steady connection with a range of up to 10 meters.

The body is constructed of thin plastic that is flexible.

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8. Infinity (JBL) Glide 120, in Ear Wireless

Infinity (JBL) Glide 120, in Ear Wireless

This is a JBL subsidiary that makes earphones. The Infinity Glide 120 Wireless Earphones are ranked sixth on our list of the finest Bluetooth earphones under 2000 in India. These Bluetooth V5.0 earphones provide excellent connectivity. The IPX5 rating is the key selling point of these earphones. This guarantees that these earphones are both splash-proof and sweat-proof. This feature elevates it to the top of your running or workout gear list.

The Dual Equalizer is one of the most appealing features of this Bluetooth earpiece. By adjusting the level, you may easily switch between regular and deep bass modes to suit your mood.

Given how pleasant it is to wear, this is undoubtedly one of the best neckbands under 2000. A magnetic locking mechanism keeps the earphones from sliding off your neck, in addition to everything else we’ve covered.


The battery life is adequate, lasting at least 6 to 8 hours. We found that it usually lasted roughly 7 hours with us. The 1.5-hour recharge period is also faster than many other earphones in this price bracket.

Excellent Bass: You’ll hear clear and booming audio with these headphones. The bass is fantastic, especially since it’s boosted by the 12mm drivers. So, regardless of the genre, you can easily feel the music you’re listening to.

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9. Oppo Enco M31 EWN10 – Best neckband under 2000

Oppo Enco M31 EWN10 – Best neckband under 2000

Oppo Enco M31 is a full-featured neckband that costs less than Rs. 2,000. They are a very light and pleasant pair of headphones that are water-resistant to IPX5.

They offer artificial intelligence-powered noise cancellation for voice calls. Also, have magnetized speakers, which allow the two earpieces to clasp together and turn themselves off when not in use. A rapid pairing mode is also available to expedite the pairing process. The neckband incorporates 9.2mm, full-range dynamic speakers, for punchier bass without detracting from the balance of other genres. Additionally, by double-clicking the play/pause button, the bass mode can be triggered. The Enco M31 produces a clear, sharp sound.

If you’re searching for a good deal on a neckband, the Oppo M32 is the way to go.

Key Features

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10. URBN UTD600_BK Bluetooth Wireless

URBN UTD600_BK Bluetooth Wireless

The URBN neckband earphones have unique drivers that provide clean highs, balanced mids, and deep bass. It contains a built-in microphone, so you may answer calls while wearing these neckband earphones. The URBN neckband earphones also support Siri and Google Assistant. The URBN neckband earbuds are supposed to have a battery life of up to eight hours on a single charge.

Bluetooth 5.0 is also included for wireless connectivity. The URBN neckband earphones have wingtip earbuds for a comfortable fit, as well as magnetic earbuds.

Key Features

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11. Mi Neckband Pro (Black) Best neckband under 2000

Mi Neckband Pro (Black) Best neckband under 2000

The Mi Neckband Pro is the best neckband under 2000 from the best-selling company Mi. It is a wireless earphone that weighs around 33 grams. As a result, it is incredibly convenient and comfortable for exercise and travel.

It has a noise cancellation mode ENC + ANC with a maximum of 25 dB. This clever noise cancellation and the exact algorithm work together to eliminate background noise.

The built-in microphone identifies and eliminates unneeded background noise.

You may also use a voice assistant to access the internet, watch your favorite shows, answer calls, play music, change tracks, navigate quickly, and perform a variety of other tasks.

Pretty Features

The Mi Neckband Pro is splash and sweatproof to IPX5 standards. The technology guards against water damage and offers a long-lasting entertainment companion.

Furthermore, it is ideal for workouts, jogging, and cycling, ensuring that you never miss your favorite music or audio experience. Additionally, you will not miss any phone calls while at the gym.

The device is charged for a brief period by the Lithium Polymer battery. With a single full charge, you may listen to your favorite melodies, music, and movies.

The Mi Neckband Pro has 20-hour battery life. As a result, you’ll be able to listen to music and the radio during your travel.

The Mi band has an anti-cerumen construction that keeps the earphones wax-free and clean. Furthermore, the earphone features an anti-blockage speaker that prevents small particles from entering the earphone via the speaker net.

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Best neckband under 2000 – Buying Guide

When looking for the best neckband under 2000 in India, there are a few things to consider. We’ve compiled a list of features to assist you:


Always look for a design that is lighter in weight and convenient for daily use. Choose the one that is suitable for all-day wear. Also, the best neckbands under 2000 should have buttons so you can easily control all functions.

Tip-Please pay attention to whether the Bluetooth neckband contains multiple digital earplugs of various sizes. Therefore, you can choose the size that best suits your ears.


This is the basic feature you must look for in every best neckband under 2000. Make sure to choose the best neckband that provides a balanced audio response.

Noise reduction

Active noise reduction helps eliminate environmental noise and prevents you from being distracted.

Tip-The noise reduction function makes your commuting and travel experience more special.


Having a good microphone is a basic requirement for the best neckband in India. You must check whether the microphone supports connecting two devices.

Battery Life

You may carry headphones when you travel, so it’s important to always pay attention to the battery life of the headphones. You may not want your headset to dry out and die during exercise or during flight.


Do you like to carry headphones with you? Then choose a compact and lightweight design. Bulky equipment is actually not easy to carry.

Water resistance

The key is to choose a waterproof Bluetooth headset. If you have the habit of using earphones during exercise, if the earphones are not waterproof and sweatproof, the earbuds may be damaged. Therefore, please check this feature before purchasing.

The Final Word

The best neckband under 2000 has now come to an end. Make an informed decision and enjoy your free time with the wonderful neckband at a low cost.

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