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Ambrane Power Bank 20800mAh P 2000 Review

Ambrane Power Bank 20800mAh P 2000 Review

Ambrane Power Bank 20800mAh P 2000 Review

Ambrane Power Bank 20800mAh review. Latest Best Ambrane Powerbank is the Ambrane Power Bank 20800mAh only at the price of Rs.1699 at Amazon, Flipkart in India. Today we will give a brief detail of the Ambrane Powerbank and its review and conclusion. Let us see the specification. As of now the 20800mAh model is not available hence you can buy the 20000 model.

Ambrane Power Bank 20800mAh P – 2000 Specification:

Brand/Model: Ambrane/P-2000.

Capacity: 20800 mAh.

No. Of output ports : 3 – 1- 5V/1A, Output 2- 5V/2.1A , Output 3 – 5V/2.1A.

Input : DC 5V/2.1A.

Weight: 481 gram.

Time to recharge: 12 hours to 24 hours.

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Ambrane Power Bank 20800mAh P – 2000 Review:

First of all, Ambrane has built a good image among the Indian users and some quality product in the powerbank industry. The Ambrane Power Bank 20800mAh is packed massive 20800 capacity. As a result of this massive capacity, the powerbank weights 481 grams which is a bit more than average.

It has three output USB ports which has 5 V each and 1 amp, a.5 amp, a.5 amp respectively. iPhone models charge in the first port, Samsung and other android phones in second port while the iPad models in the last port.

Ambrane Power Bank P-2000 (20,800mAh )

The powerbanks comes with three different charging cables, one for the older iPhone models, one for the normal mini USB, and other is for the newer version of iPhone i.e. lightning cables.

Moreover, there is an extra port to charge the powerbank itself. This is a mini USB. But, the main disadvantage of the Ambrane Power Bank 20800mAh is that there is no charging adapter in the box. But, you can use any of your normal charging adapters to charge it.

Without using a proper adapter there are chances it will damage its battery. As a result, it may result in short life of the powerbank. Click on the link below to buy now.

To initiate charging, all you need is to press the only button, then, it will start charging. Long pressing the button will show the percentage of remaining battery.

Most noteworthy is that you can use all the output port simultaneously to charge three different devices. However, charging three phones will take longer time to complete charge.

Moreover, Ambrane Power Bank 20800mAh can charge your smartphones 4 to 6 times in one cycle. The power bank will take more than 12 hours from zero to 100 percent.

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Ambrane Power Bank 20800mAh conclusion:

The Ambrane Power Bank 20800mAh is a bit heavy device. But if you are not concerned about it, then you can buy without any doubt. This is a great device, fast charging and massive capacity will make you forget about battery being low in any of your smart devices.

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